Research Areas

Population Dynamics and Social Inequality is the focus of the Department of Sociology's research and graduate training. Our productive and internationally recognized faculty conduct their research in this general area, focusing on the following areas of concentration:

Health and the Life Course

Faculty working in this area use sociological approaches to understand health as a manifestation of broader structures of social inequality. Research includes examinations of cumulative advantage processes as mechanisms of health inequality, education and health, social mobility and trajectories of health, inequality in health behaviours and well-being, health professions, and work and health.

Core faculty include: Tracey Adams, Kate Choi, Lorraine DaviesRachel Margolis, Julie McMullinKim Shuey, Andrea Willson, and Anna Zajacova

Publications of core faculty members have appeared in: Advances in Life Course Research; American Journal of Sociology; Canadian Journal of Public Health; Canadian Review of Sociology; International Sociology; International Indigenous Policy Journal; Journal of Aging and Health; Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences; Journal of Health and Social Behavior; Social Science & Medicine

Power and Justice

Faculty members in this area explore social inequality along multiple dimensions including class, race, ethnicity and immigration status, sexuality, and gender. They also examine the ways in which social institutions, social processes and social practices (included those related to crime, policing and surveillance) are infused with, and shaped by power. Examples of research in this area include studies of income inequality, education and social inequality, social justice, and policing and terrorism studies.

Core faculty include: Tracey Adams, Dale Ballucci, David Calnitsky, Patrick Denice, Michael GardinerLaura Huey, Wolfgang Lehmann, Julie McMullinHoward RamosScott Schaffer, Sean Waite, and Yoko Yoshida

Publications of core faculty members include five books, numerous edited volumes, and publications in: Canadian Review of Sociology; Canadian Journal of Sociology; Journal of Education and Work; Policing & Society; Social Forces; Social Science Research; Social Science & Medicine; Social Science History; Theory, Culture & Society; Sociological Quarterly; The British Journal of Sociology; The British Journal of Sociology of Education

Social Demography and Migration

This area encompasses faculty with research expertise in various aspects of population dynamics, including family demography, population health, and patterns of crime and violence. One area of particular strength lies in the study of migration, with faculty research in areas such as international migration, policy, immigration and socio-spatial aspects of cities, and the economic and social integration of children of immigrants and their children.

Core faculty include: Teresa Abada, Kate Choi, Michael HaanRachel Margolis, Howard Ramos and Yoko Yoshida 

Publications of core faculty members have appeared in: Canadian Studies in Population;  Demography; Demographic Research; Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies; Population and Development Review

Work and the Economy

Faculty in this area study inequality in work arrangements within the context of the changing nature of work and the economy. Areas of study include professional work in Canada, gender and work, school-work transitions, job-stress, disability accommodation, precarious employment arrangements, LGBTQ and the labour market, and inequality in education and the workplace.

Core faculty include: Tracey Adams, Patrick DeniceWolfgang Lehmann, Julie McMullinKim Shuey and Sean Waite

Publications of core faculty members include four books as well as publications in: Annual Review of Sociology; Canadian Journal of Sociology; Canadian Review of Sociology; Journal of Canadian Studies; International Sociology; Journal of Education and Work; Social Science History; Work and Occupations; Work, Employment, and Society; and Research in Social Stratification and Mobility