• Patrick Denice
  • Presenting Sociology research: Patrick Denice at SEA 2020

    Presented at SEA 2020:

    Segregation, Spatial Mismatch, and Charter School Enrollment in U.S. Cities

  • Presenting Sociology research: Patrick Denice at AEFP 2019

Patrick Denice, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Washington, 2016
M.A., Sociology, University of Washington, 2012
B.A., Sociology, Boston College, 2008 pdf Full CV

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Patrick Denice's research addresses questions of inequality in schools and the workplace. He is broadly interested in the following areas: education, labor markets, the life course, social inequality and mobility, and quantitative methods. Current projects examine: (1) the potential of school choice policies to attenuate or exacerbate patterns of segregation and stratification in urban public education systems; (2) students' non-traditional pathways to and through postsecondary education; and (3) how workplace institutions and policies shape workers' wages.

Recent Publications

(2020) "When schools open: Student mobility and racial sorting across new charter schools in Kansas City, Missouri" (with Michael DeArmond and Matthew Carr) in Journal of Urban Affairs.

(2020) "Choosing and changing course: Postsecondary students and the process of selecting a major field of study" in Sociological Perspectives.

(2019) "Trajectories through post-secondary education and students' life course transitions" in Social Science Research.

(2019) "What do government unions do? Public sector unions and non-union wages" (with Jake Rosenfeld) in Social Science Research.

(2018) "Unions and non-union pay in the U.S., 1977-2015" (with Jake Rosenfeld) in Sociological Science.

(2017) "Back to school: Race and gender gaps in adults' participation in formal schooling, 1978-2013" in Demography.

(2016) "Choice, preferences, and constraints: Evidence from public school applications in Denver" (with Betheny Gross) in Sociology of Education.

(2015) "The power of transparency: Evidence from a British workplace survey" (with Jake Rosenfeld) in American Sociological Review.

(2015) "Does it pay to attend a for-profit college? Vertical and horizontal stratification in higher education" in Social Science Research.


Current Courses (2020-2021)

  • SOC 2205A-001: Statistics for Sociology
  • SOC 9001A-650: Introduction to Multivariate Statistics
  • SOC 4420G-001/9177B-650: The Social Context of Racial Inequality
  • MRPE 9300: Statistics 


PhD Students Supervised

  • Stephen Sartor (in progress) 


MA Students Supervised

  • Taylor Paul (in progress)
  • Sumangala Sasudevan (in progress)
  • Stephen Sartor (2019)