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Scott Schaffer

Photo by Eric Simard

Scott Schaffer, Associate Professor

PhD, Social and Political Thought, York University

Scott Schaffer is a political theorist who investigates issues of contemporary and global social theory, social ethics and social inclusion, and processes of social change. He has done a wide variety of work on public sociology, cultural critique, studies of everyday life, social development, and resistance movements. His current work is focused on developing a normatively-based conception of sociology and social ethics that can be used to evaluate current societal phenomena and social policy, anticipate future social problems, and develop proactive solutions to those future societal threats.

Areas of Specialization

  • Social theory;
  • Cultural critique;
  • Sociology of everyday life;
  • Processes of social change;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Social ethics;
  • Resistance movements;
  • Public sociology

Selected Publications

  • Schaffer, Scott. 2004. Resisting Ethics. Houndmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Schaffer, Scott. 2005. "Mezze Ideology: Community, Class, and Multicultural Cuisine." Bad Subjects 2005(73).
  • Schaffer, Scott. 2002. "Ordinary Atrocities: Toward a politics of outrage." Journal of Mundane Behavior 3(3).
  • Schaffer, Scott. 2001. "Obedience is Freedom: On the Existing American Police State." Bad Subjects 58.
  • Schaffer, Scott. 2000. "In-Between Days: Intellectual Work and Intelligent Life at the Crossroads." Bad Subjects 52.