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  • Howard Ramos

    Photo by Yoko Yoshida

  • Howard Ramos

Howard Ramos, Professor

Chair, Sociology
PhD, Sociology, McGill University

Howard Ramos is a political sociologist who investigates issues of social justice and equity. He has published on social movements, human rights, Indigenous mobilization, environmental advocacy, ethnicity, race, and Atlantic Canada. He is currently working on projects looking at Atlantic Canadian, secondary cities, integration of immigrants and refugees, hockey and multiculturalism, and the social implication of AI and new technology. He works with graduate students looking at these issues as well as state funding of women’s organizations, public attitudes and social values, perceptions of skills needed in the digital economy, and the intersections of identities and sports.

Areas of Specialization

  • Political sociology;
  • Immigration;
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion;
  • Social change;
  • Media studies;
  • Secondary cities;
  • Research methods;
  • Social statistics

Selected Publications