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Kim Shuey

Photo by Rob Rombouts

Kim Shuey, Professor

PhD, Sociology, Florida State University

Dr. Shuey is a sociologist who focuses on social inequality across the life course. She primarily studies health inequality and the relationship between work and health. Recent research examines life course pathways of economic hardship beginning in childhood and the effect of social mobility on health in midlife. Other work examines multiple explanations for the transmission and persistence of poor health across generations. These papers (published in top journals in the field including the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, The Journals of Gerontology, and the American Journal of Sociology) underscore the importance of studying health longitudinally as a salient manifestation of social inequality resulting from patterns of advantage and disadvantage that are reproduced and transmitted across generations within families. A second focus of her research is on the consequences of employment for health and well-being. In particular, she is interested in how the insecurity associated with precarious employment environments affects workers. Papers examining precarious work, job stress, and disability accommodations have been published in journals such as The Canadian Review of Sociology, Work and Occupations and Social Currents.

Areas of Specialization

  • Health and disability across the life course
  • Life course sociology
  • Transmission of health across generations
  • Precarious employment
  • Work and health
  • Environmental sociology

Selected Publications