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Kim Shuey

Photo by Rob Rombouts

Kim Shuey, Associate Professor

Acting Graduate Chair, Sociology
PhD, Sociology, Florida State University

Dr. Shuey is a sociologist who examines health inequality over the life course. She is currently a co-principal investigator in a Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded project that examines trajectories of health over the life course and across generations. Her work underscores the importance of studying health longitudinally as a salient manifestation of social inequality resulting from patterns of advantage and disadvantage that are reproduced and transmitted across generations within families. 

Areas of Specialization

  • Health inequality across the lifecourse;
  • Transmission and persistence of poor health across generations;
  • Nonstandard and precarious employment;
  • Work, health and aging in the new economy;
  • Lifelong effects of childhood adversity;

Selected Publications