Western Sociology has a historic strength and commitment to research excellence in the field of Population Dynamics and Social Inequality. Our productive and internationally recognized faculty publish in the discipline's most prestigious journals. We offer outstanding research training for graduate students at both the M.A. and Ph.D. levels in the theoretical and empirical study of various dimensions of Population Dynamics and Social Inequality. Western Sociology is also home to award-winning teachers and offers undergraduate programs in both Sociology and Criminology. Check out the above links for more information about our academic programs and faculty.

protesters, one with a sign saying "WHEN WILL IT END?" Department of Sociology Solidarity Statement


  • Sociology Department service changes due to COVID-19

    Mar. 18: As you know, courses will resume Wed. Mar. 19 online, and residences remain open. For other services, Western has transitioned to its required services mode. This means Sociology's staff will be working from home during regular business hours, and can be contacted by email. 

  • Criminologists unite expertise to reach out, speak up
    July 8, 2020
    Western Sociology professor Laura Huey has co-founded #CrimComm, a new virtual community where criminology researchers share ways to improve communication with each other and the world.
  • Grant sharpens student focus on aging Boomers
    June 23, 2020
    Margolis and Zajacova join experts in The Consortium on Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making (CAnD3): Developing Talent for Population Analytics in Aging Societies project in a concerted effort to train graduate students to conduct age-related data analyses. A $2.5-million grant from SSHRC supports this Canada-wide project to develop skilled new demographers, as worldwide population aging becomes an issue for everything from health care and social security nets to housing and labour.
  • Researchers unite to explore family leave nationwide
    June 10, 2020
    Rachel Margolis is one of 58 researchers, at 34 research partner institutions and agencies in four countries, joining forces for a first-time look at family-leave policies across the country in an effort to create more consistent and equitable systems for all Canadian families with children. The seven-year partnership recently received a $2.5-million grant from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
  • Andrea Willson receives substantial SSHRC research funding for new project
    Apr. 22, 2020
    SSHRC awarded $176,563 in Insight Grant funding for Andrea Willson and Kim Shuey's new research project "Family Context and the Intergenerational Persistence of Health Inequality" which will explore social and environmental influences on health across generations.
  • Yoko Yoshida joining the Department of Sociology
    Apr. 2, 2020
    Dr. Yoshida is joining the Department of Sociology as an Associate Professor. Her research focuses on immigration and immigrant integration, race and ethnic relations, as well as social inequality. She has also worked on issues of health inequality.
  • Howard Ramos joining Department of Sociology
    Apr. 2, 2020
    Dr. Ramos is joining Department of Sociology as professor and Department Chair. A common thread through Ramos’ research is a focus on social justice and translating social science to help communities and facilitate public engagement of pressing issues.
  • Lauren Barr Honoured for Teaching Excellence
    Mar. 12, 2020
    Lauren Barr was awarded the Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty.
  • Policing partnership puts big data on patrol
    Jan. 24, 2020
    Dr. Laura Huey, PhD students Lorna Ferguson, Hillary Peladeau, Jacek Koziarski and Larissa Kowalski are engaged with police, other academic researchers, and public policy-makers to introduce academic research and big data into policing.
  • Jerry White honoured with Atlohsa Peace Award
    Nov. 5, 2019
    Atlohsa Family Healing Services has announced that at its Atlohsa Peace Awards will honour eight people for their work in Truth and Reconciliation. We are very pleased that Sociology's Professor Emeritus Jerry White is one of these honourees.