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Ph.D U. British ColumbiaFull CV
M.A. U. British Columbia
B.A. Hons. Simon Fraser U.

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November 17, 2016. "The CAN-SEBP Experience: Developing Evidence Based Policing Through Productive University-Police Relationships.”  American Society of Criminologists annual meeting. New Orleans.

November 16, 2016. "Unearthing Hidden Keys: Why Pracademics are An Invaluable (if Underutilized) Resource in Policing Research.”  American Society of Criminologists annual meeting. New Orleans. (with Renee Mitchell).


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My primary areas of current research, teaching and community service are in the fields of policing, mental health and countering violent extremism. When time permits I also work on issues of criminal victimization (particularly among socially and economically marginalized groups). I value the creation and mobilization of actionable research to inform policy, practice and/or to shape our understanding of important social phenomenon, and both my own projects, and those of my students, are centred on producing research that meets one or more of these criteria.

Among other activities, I am currently: 

- the Director of the Canadian Society of Evidence Based Policing (a national network of researchers, police leaders/practitioners, policy-makers and emerging scholars with links to the UK, US and Australia/New Zealand chapters of SEBP);

- a Board Member of the SERENE-RISC cybercrime network; 

- a Research Fellow with the London Police Service;

- a Senior Research Fellow with the Police Foundation;

- a Board Member of the Canadian Association of Police Educators;

- a Member of the International Advisory Board, Police Executive Programme, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge

- a Member of the Canadian Assn. of Police Governance Research & Policy Committee;

- a Collaborator with the International CyberCrime Research Centre, Simon Fraser University;

- a Member of the International Committee of the Policing Division, American Society of Criminologists;

- Research Collaborator with the Police Research Lab, Carleton University;

- a member of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Community Safety & Crime Prevention committee;

 - interim board member of the Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy? Bringing the real world in.

Currently Teaching

2253A-001 Administration of Criminal Justice

4432G-001 Forensics and Criminal Investigation

4485G-001 Selected Topics in Sociology: Terrorism

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status:  MA, PhD

PhD Theses

Hina Kalyal (2015 -)

Ryan Broll (2010-2015)

Hillary Peladeau (2016 -)

MA Theses

Rachel Inch (2016 -)

Eric Witmer (2015 - 2016)

Cindy Hohner (2015-)

Joseph Varanese (2014 - 2016)

Hillary Pelladeau (2014-2016)

Ryan Broll (2008-2010)

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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(2016) Adding Insult to Injury: (Mis)Treating Homeless Women in Our Mental Health System. Lynn Reinner (with R. Ricciardelli).

(2012) Invisible Victims: Homelessness and the Growing Security Gap University of Toronto Press.

(2011) Luis Fernandez, Laura Huey (eds.) Rethinking Policing and Justice: Exploring Alternatives to Law Enforcement Routledge.


(forthcoming) "Policing Terrorism: Canadian Perspectives and Practices." The Journal of Police Studies (with R. Ricciardelli and C. Griffiths)

(forthcoming) "Digilantism: An Analysis of Crowdsourcing and the Boston Marathon Bombings." The British Journal of Criminology (with J. Nhan and R. Broll).

(2017) "Replication and Reproduction in Canadian Policing Research: A Note." Canadian Journal of Criminology & Criminal Justice, 59(1): 123-138.(with C. Bennell).

(2016) "Austerity Policing's Imperative: Understanding the Drivers of Policing Activity in Canada." International Journal of Police Science & Management, 18(2): 133-139. (with K. Cyr and R. Ricciardelli).

(2016) "Unearthing Hidden Keys: Why Pracademics are a Valuable (if Underutilized) Resource in Policing Research." Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 10(3): 300-307. (with R. Mitchell).

(2016) "‘There Is No Strength in Emotions’: The Role of Street Enculturation in Influencing How Victimized Homeless Women Speak about Violence.” The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 31(10): 1817-1841.

(2016) "Quantifying Salient Concepts Discussed in Social Media Content: A Case Study Using Twitter Content Written by Radicalized Youth." Journal of Terrorism Research, 7(2): 79-89 (with S. Ghajar-Kosravi, P. Kwantes and N. Derbentseva).

(2016) "From Seeds to Orchards: Using Evidence-Based Policing to Address Canada’s Policing Research Needs.’” Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 58(1): 119-131 (with Rose Ricciardelli).

(2016) "#IS_Fangirl: Exploring a New Role for Women in Terrorism.” Journal of Terrorism Research, 7(1): 1-10 (Eric Witmer).

(2015) “‘This Isn’t What I Signed Up For’: When Officer Role Expectations Conflict with the Realities of General Duty Work in Rural Communities” (with Rose Ricciardelli). International Journal of Police Science & Management, 17(3): 194-203.

(2015) "“This is Not Your Mother’s Terrorism: Social Media, Online Radicalization and the Practice of Political Jamming.” Journal of Terrorism Research, 6(2): 1-16.

(2015) "'Just Being Mean to Somebody Isn't a Police Matter': Police Perspectives on Policing Cyber-bullying" (with R. Broll) Journal of School Violence

(2014) "'They Just Asked Me Why I Became Homeless': 'Failure to Ask' as a Barrier to Homeless Women's Ability to Access Services Post-Victimization" (with R. Broll) Violence and Victims, 29(6).

(2014) "'I Don’t Find it Sexy at All': Criminal Investigators' Views of Media Glamorization of Police 'Dirty Work'" (with Ryan Broll) Policing & Society

(2014) "'I Had a Lot of Anger and That's What Kind of Led Me to Cutting Myself': Employing a Social Stress Framework to Explain Why Some Homeless Women Self-Injure" (with Danielle Hryniewicz and Georgios Fthenos) Health Sociology Review, 23(2).

(2013) "'If Something Happened, I Will Leave It, Let It Go and Move On': Resiliency and Victimized Homeless Women's Attitudes Toward Mental Health Counseling". The Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28(2).

(2013) "'Uppity Civilians' and 'Cyber Vigilantes':  The Role of the General Public in Policing Cyber Crime" (with J. Nhan and R. Broll) Criminology and Criminal Justice, 13(1).

(2012) "'I Need Help and I Know I Need Help. Why Won't Nobody Listen to Me?' Homeless Women’s Experiences with Accessing and Consuming Mental Health Services" Society & Mental Health 2(2).

(2012) "'All It Takes Is One TV Show to Ruin It': A Police Perspective on Police-Media Relations in the Era of Expanding Prime Time Crime Markets" (with Ryan Broll) Policing & Society, 22(4).

(2012) "'We Never Refer to Ourselves as a Lobby Group Because 'Lobby Group' Has a Different Connotation': Voluntary Police Associations and the Framing of their Interest Group Work" (with Danielle Hyrniewicz) Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 54(3).

(2012) "The Review of Privacy Online – Three Questions" Surveillance & Society, 10(3/4).

(2012) "'Putting on Band-Aids': The Contradictory Roles and 'Small Wins' of Tempered Campus Radicals" (with M. Westerman) Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education 33(2).

Chapters in books

(2015) "The Gray Cygnet Problem in Terrorism Research” (with J. Varanese and R. Broll) in M. Bouchard (ed.) Radical and Connected: Social Networks, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. London: Routledge.

(2014) "Understanding Critical Criminology" in N. Boyd (ed.) Understanding Crime in Canada: An Introduction to Criminology Edmonton, AB.: Edmond Montgomery Publications.

(2012) "'We Don’t Have These Laser Beams and Stuff Like That': Police Investigations as Low-tech Work in a High-tech World" (with J. Nhan) in S. Leman-Langlois (ed.) Technocrime: Policing and Surveillance London: Routledge.

Working papers/technical reports

(2016) "What One Might Expect: A Scoping Review of the Canadian Policing Research Literature." http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/sociologypub/36/

(2016) "Cheering on the Jihad: Exploring Women's Participation in Pro-Jihadist Online Radical Milieus." http://tsas.ca/tsas_library_entry/tsas-wp16-07-cheering-on-the-jihad-an-exploration-of-womens-participation-in-online-pro-jihadist-networks/

(2015) "The Importance of Reproduction in Evidence Based Policing: A Comment." http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/sociologypub/35/

(2015) "No Sandwiches Here: Representations of Women in Dabiq and Inspire Magazines.” TSAS working papers series. http://library.tsas.ca/tsas-working-papers

(2015) "‘Questions about Dawlah. DM me, plz.’ The Sock Puppet Problem in Online Terrorism Research” (with H. Kalyal)  http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/sociologypub/33/

(2014) "The Expert Panel on the Future of Canadian Policing Models (Beare, Dupont, Duxbury, Huey, et al.). Policing Canada in the 21st Century: New Policing for New Challenges. Ottawa, Ont. Council of Canadian Academies.

(2012) "Examination of the Current Normative Discourse on the Balance Between Privacy and Security in Cyberspace" for Public Safety Canada.


I'm working on several projects related to my main research area: evidence based policing.

Research and Teaching Networks

Canadian Society of Evidence Based Policing, Director

Smart Cybersecurity Network - Réseau Intégré sur la Cybersécurité (SERENE-RISC), Board Member

Centre International de Criminologie Comparée (Université de Montréal), Collaborateur