Lora Phillips, Assistant Professor

PhD, Sociology, The Ohio State University

Lora Phillips is a sociologist whose research seeks to answer three broad questions: Who has access to a stable life, and who does not? Why do observed social class, age, and racial-ethnic differences in exposure to precarious circumstances exist, particularly as it relates to the role of spatial and temporal context? And what are the consequences of exposure to material precarity, and inequalities therein, for individual and community health and well-being? Using a mixed methods approach, Lora has specifically studied spatial, temporal, and socio-demographic inequalities in exposure to economic insecurity; job loss and precarious work; foreclosure, eviction, and homelessness; and food insecurity. Lora also has extensive experience conducting community-engaged research related to these topics and is eager to connect with community stakeholders in the London, Ontario, region to co-produce mutually beneficial knowledge.

Areas of Specialization

  • Inequality
  • Housing loss
  • (un)employment
  • Income levels and changes
  • Aging adults
  • Health and well-being
  • Urban sociology
  • Community-engagaed research

Selected Publications