Sociology News

Manfred Asuman and others published “Promoting Political Participation and Accountability through Popular Culture” in The Political Economy of African Popular Culture. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was interviewed by CBC News “No charges against Catholic high school students who made and shared deep-fake nudes of classmates.” 

Anna Zajacova with others published “Pain Lowers Subjective Survival Probabilities among Middle-aged and Older Adults” in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B. 

Yuchen Li, Michael Haan and Teresa Abada published “Homeownership amongst second-generation immigrants in Canada” in Housing Studies. 

David Calnitsky with others published “Who gets the goods? Disentangling the effects of parliamentary representation and collective action on social spending” in European Sociological Review. 

Laura Huey spoke with The London Free Press “London researchers explore how anti-government protest target police.” 

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with The Globe and Mail – “What experts think the government should do when it comes to kids and social media” 

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with The National about Meta’s new anti-sextortion measures.

Mila Kolpashnikova was awarded the Faculty of Social Science Samuel Clark Research Funds. 

Matthew Stackhouse (PhD Candidate) published “The rural side of the rainbow: Mental health and the intersections of geography, sexuality, and partnership” in the Canadian Review of Sociology. 

Kate Choi published “Single mothers in particular would benefit from more subsidized housing in Canada” in The Conversation. 

Kate Choi spoke with The Telegraph - “Could South Korea’s maternity retreats solve its population crisis?” 

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with CTV News - “‘Bodily autonomy is being invaded’: Students appear nude in AI-altered photos at London, Ont. High school” 

David Calnitsky with others published “Five Interconnections of Race and Class” in Historical Materialism. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was quoted on CBC The National “TikTok, Snapchat respond to Ontario school boards’ social media lawsuit” and joined CBC Afternoon Drive (part 1, part 2) to discuss the social media lawsuit. 

Rachel Margolis and others published “Are Rural Areas Holdouts in the Second Demographic Transition? Evidence From Canada and the United States” in Demography. 

Yoko Yoshida won the Metropolis Research Award. 

Laura Huey and Phd student Lorna Ferguson published “’No one wants to end up on YouTube’: sousveillance and ‘cop-baiting’ in Canadian policing” in Policing and Society. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was interviewed by the Toronto Star “What is mewing? How to talk to your kids about the viral TikTok trend linked to incel culture. 

Manfred Asuman and others published the European Union/Erasmus+ toolkit for youth workers and European youth on rural development through social innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Kate Choi spoke with The Globe and Mail “Couple that spent nearly $80,000 on IVF says new B.C. funding could have saved years of stress. 

Rachel Margolis spoke to The Gazette “Western proposes to discontinue criminology major, pending Senate approval. 

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with CTV News “East Elgin Secondary students concerned about cyberbullying account. 

Anna Zajacova with others published “Unraveling the link between chronic pain and sleep quality: Insights from a national study” in Science Direct. 

Laura Huey, Lorna Ferguson and others published “’When you own the time, it’s seamless, but when you don’t, it’s horrific’: critical, public order and major incident decision-making in policing” in Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy. 

Andrea Willson, Kim Shuey and Vesna Pajovic published “Disability and the Widening Gap in Mid-Life Wealth Accumulation: A Longitudinal Examination” in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. 

Kaitlynn Mendes with others published “Moving beyond masculine defensiveness and anxiety in the classroom: exploring gendered responses to sexual and gender based violence workshops in England and Ireland” in Gender and Education. 

Kate Choi spoke with Global News “Financial concern a key reason Canadians are having fewer kids: poll 

Kate Choi spoke with Yahoo! Style “This Canadian influencer is child-free by choice: ‘I most certainly never had that maternal instinct’ 

MA student Valeria Yakushko spoke with the Western Gazette “’In soul, you are there’: Ukrainian students reflect on 2nd anniversary of Russian invasion.” 

Patrick Denice with others published “Power and Pay Transparency” in the Indiana Law Journal.

Michael Haan spoke with CBC Listen - “Millennials now outnumber boomers 

Professor Emeritus Ed Grabb’s book “Theories of Social Inequality” is being reprinted beginning April 1, 2024 by Rock’s Mills Press 

Robert Andersen with others published “Public Opinion on Social Spending, 1980-2005" in the book Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics. 

Kate Choi with others published “Interracial Couples and Intergenerational Coresidence: The Role of Race/Ethnicity” in SocArXiv Papers. 

Kate Choi published “Living arrangements and housing affordability issues of young adults in Canada: Differences by nativity status” in the Canadian Review of Sociology. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was interviewed by The Athletic “Gary Bettman insists hockey isn’t to blame for 2018 world juniors case. Experts disagree. 

Kate Choi and Arabella Soave published “Housing Attainment of Interracial Couples” in SocArXiv Papers. 

Kate Choi spoke with Kristi Cameron from Ottawa Now about Canadian couple growing reluctance to start a family. 

Anders Holm with others published “Response to: ‘Signals, Educational Decision-Making, and Inequality’: a comment on the formal model by Holm, Hjorth-Trolle, and Jaeger” in the European Sociological Review. 

Rachel Margolis was interviewed by Global News “’Grey divorce’ getting more prevalent in Canada. Why it’s a concern” 

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with Global News “AI and sexual violence online: Why advocates are concerned amid N.B. rise in sextortion cases” 

Lindsay Finlay and Michael Haan were interviewed by Western News “Who lives in rural Canada and who’s most likely to move there?”about their work published in Journal of Rural Studies. 

Lindasy Finlay spoke with CBC Radio One “Study shows fewer immigrants to Ontario settling in rural communities” 

David Calnitsky with Asher Dupuy-Spencer published “AI May Very Well Change our Species” in the Jacobin. 

Kate Choi was interviewed by CTV about How falling fertility rates will impact Canada.  

Kaitlynn Mendes spoke with CBC Radio about the growing problem of AI created nude images. 

PhD student Lorna Ferguson with Laura Huey and others published “It's frustrating … I didn’t join to sit behind a desk”: Police paperwork as a source of organizational stress” in the International Journal of Police Science and Management. 

Kate Choi published “Family Life in Rural and Urban Areas, More Similar Over Time” in Psychology Today. 

Janice Forsyth was part of the team that published “Sport and physical activity alone can’t tackle health inequities in Indigenous communities” in The Conversation. 

Rachel Margolis was interviewed by The Globe and Mail “Amplify: The unique joy of grandparent-grandchild relationships. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was featured in The Mirage “UK teens experience huge spike in online harm 

With Alexandra Siberry, Tracey Adams published “Gendered ecologies: Explaining interprofessional and gender inequalities in Ontario midwifery” in the Journals of Professions and Organizations. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was part of a team that released “Understanding Hate in Ontario’ - A New Research Report” in partnership with the Province of Ontario and the Mosaic Institute. 

Anabel Quan-Haase with others published the SAGE Research Methods Handbook. 

Sean Waite with others published “Studying Individuals in Same-Sex Couples using Longitudinal Administrative Data from Canadian Tax Records: Opportunities and Challenges” in SocArXiv Papers. 

Kaitlynn Mendes with others published “Canadian schools need to address digital sexual violence in their curricula and policies” in The Conversation.

Postdoc Manfred Asuman was part of a team that published “Safety of Journalists from a Gendered Perspective: Evidence from Female Journalists in Ghana’s Rural and Peri-Urban Media” in Communitas. 

Rachel Margolis, with colleagues, published “Losing a Grandparent Hurts Boys at School” in Scientific American. 

Kaitlynn Mendes was interviewed by Western News “Schools aren’t addressing online sexual violence adequately, Western research finds.” She was also interviewed by the National. 

Anna Zajacova was quoted in Pain News Network “Most Americans and Canadians use OTC Drugs and Self-Care for Pain Relief.