Graduate Program

We have a vibrant and diverse community of researchers examining a wide range of social phenomena using multiple research methodologies.  Our professors are recognized internationally for their research, providing exceptional opportunities for graduate students to become involved.

The department houses a graduate student computer lab, office space, classrooms, research space and a lounge. With all of these facilities located on the fifth floor of the Social Science Centre, our students enjoy an inclusive environment and easy access to faculty members and facilities.

We invite you to explore our web site and to contact our Graduate Program Assistant, Sandra Vilovski, if you have questions regarding our programs and/or the application process.

MA Program

At the Masters level, students can pursue one of two different streams. The thesis stream is a six-term program of study combining course work with an opportunity to undertake original research and write a thesis. The research paper stream is a three-term research-oriented program in which students combine course work with a research writing course and the completion of a research paper in an area of their choosing.


PhD Program

The PhD program offers students the opportunity for in-depth and specialized study in a variety of sociological specialties. Students have the opportunity to develop a foundation of knowledge in their area of interest through course work and comprehensive examinations. Students hone their research skills through courses, a research apprenticeship and through researching and writing a doctoral dissertation.