It's all about people

Sociology is the place where we're all about people. Not just as societies, cultures and institutions, but also as individuals. And to satisfy your  fascination with people, we have collected here helpful directories, and interesting profiles. Their profiles are also a portal to read many of their publications, and learn about ongoing research.  Finally, we heartily invite you to come meet our researchers, faculty, graduate students, and staff at the many interdisciplinary Sociology events.

Exits and Entrances

Julie McMullin left Western Aug. 30, 2019 to serve as Vice-President Academic & Provost at Mount Saint Vincent University

Sarah Patterson finished her post-doc.

Ingrid Connidis gained the status of Professor Emerita when she retired June 30, 2019.

James Côté gained the status of Professor Emeritus on his retirements June 30, 2019.

Bill Marshall retired June 30, 2019.

Sadly, Professor Emeritus Rajulton Fernando passed away in December