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    Janice forsyth receives North American Society for Sport History Book Award

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  • Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Higher Education, 2nd edition

    Côté, James E. and Sarah Pickard. 2022. Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Higher Education, 2nd edition New York, NY: Routledge.

    The handbook explores recent developments in higher-education systems and policy as well as the everyday experiences of students and staff and ongoing problems of inequality and diversity within universities. It addresses current issues including the legitimacy of higher-educational credentials, from the continuing debate regarding traditional pedagogies and the role of universities in social class reproduction to more recent concerns about standards in mass systems.

  • Policing Mental Health: Public safety and crime prevention in Canada

    Huey, Laura, Jennifer L. Schulenberg, and Jacek Koziarski. 2022. Policing Mental Health: Public safety and crime prevention in Canada Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

    This brief addresses the question of the various ways in which mental health-related issues have become police responsibility. It provides a detailed understanding of the myriad of ways in which police are often called upon to be the primary responder to mental health-related issues, well beyond the standard media images of individuals in extreme crisis.

  • Handbook of Computational Social Science, Volume 1: Theory, Case Studies and Ethics

    Engel, Uwe, Anabel Quan-Haase, Sunny Xun Liu, and Lars Lyberg. 2022. Handbook of Computational Social Science, Volume 1: Theory, Case Studies and Ethics
    New York, NY: Routledge.

    This first volume focuses on the scope of computational social science, ethics, and case studies. It covers a range of key issues, including open science, formal modeling, and the social and behavioral sciences. This volume explores major debates, introduces digital trace data, reviews the changing survey landscape, and presents novel examples of computational social science research on sensing social interaction, social robots, bots, sentiment, manipulation, and extremism in social media.

  • Handbook of Computational Social Science, Volume 2: Data Science, Statistical Modelling, and Machine Learning Methods

    Engel, Uwe, Anabel Quan-Haase, Sunny Xun Liu, and Lars Lyberg. 2022. Handbook of Computational Social Science, Volume 2: Data Science, Statistical Modelling, and Machine Learning Methods. New York, NY: Routledge.

    This second volume focuses on foundations and advances in data science, statistical modeling, and machine learning. It covers a range of key issues, including the management of big data in terms of record linkage, streaming, and missing data. Machine learning, agent-based and statistical modeling, as well as data quality in relation to digital trace and textual data, as well as probability, non-probability, and crowdsourced samples represent further foci. The volume not only makes major contributions to the consolidation of this growing research field, but also encourages growth into new directions.

  • Huey_Implementing_Evidence_Based_Research-thumb.jpg

    Huey, Laura, Renée Mitchell, Hina Kalyal and Roger Pegram. 2021. Implementing Evidence-Based Research: A How-to Guide for Police Organizations. Bristol, UK: Policy Press.

    This practical guide brings leading police and sociology experts together to demonstrate how police forces of all sizes can successfully embed evidence-based methods by using their strengths and limitations to their advantage. Drawing on experiences of policing in North America, it proposes new ways of strategizing and harnessing the talents of ‘change champions’.

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International Indigenous Policy Journal

International Indigenous Policy Journal

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There is a growing similarity in the challenges facing Indigenous peoples worldwide. IIPJ is a dedicated peer-reviewed forum for discussion of these challenges. This Journal aims to expose the policy issues related to these concerns JUST POSTED:
Acknowledging and Promoting Indigenous Knowledges, Paradigms, and Practices Within Health Literacy-Related Policy and Practice Documents Across Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
by encouraging and giving expression to the very best research, which can then be used as an evidence base to guide policy making. We are also concerned that research and policy be developed in an ethical manner by taking into direct consideration needs and concerns of the peoples themselves.

Sociological Imagination: Western's Undergraduate Sociology Student Journal

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Sociological Imagination is a peer-reviewed, student run journal published annually in association with the Sociology Students’ Association and JUST POSTED:
The War on Drugs: Systemic Racism Perpetuated in the Name of Clean Streets
the Department of Sociology at Western University. The Sociological Imagination journal publishes the original work of undergraduate students in the field of sociology and related sub-disciplines.

Journal for Social Thought

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The Journal for Social Thought (JST) is a peer reviewed academic journal run and maintained by graduate students in the Department of Sociology at Western University in Canada. This journal focuses on publishing the theoretical and empirical contributions of graduate students, post-docs, JUST POSTED:
Well-intentioned in some of the most dangerous ways”: Examining Bill-132 and the subsequent formation of Ontarian university sexual assault policies
academic professionals, and independent scholars in an open access platform. Each issue of the JST focuses on either a general theme or different specialized topics related to today’s relevant sociological questions, which fall underneath the general umbrella of social thought.