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Janice Forsyth, Associate Professor

Director, Indigenous Studies Full CV  pdf

Past Teaching

  • Canadian Sport History
  • Olympic Issues for Modern Times
  • Olympic Games: Issues
  • Physical Culture & Health at Indian Residential Schools
  • Advance Topics in Qualitative Research
  • A Postcolonial Approach to Understanding 'Development' Through Sport
  • Aboriginal Sport History
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Community Development through Qualitative Methods

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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Books (Edited Collections)

2017 Olympic Perspectives (ed. with Stephan Wassong and Richard Baka), Routledge

2014 Intersections and Intersectionalities in Olympic and Paralympic Studies (ed. with Christine O'Bonsawin and Michael Heine), International Center for Olympic Studies

2013 Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada (ed. with Audrey R. Giles), UBC Press


2013 "The double helix: Aboriginal people and sport policy in Canada" (with Vicky Paraschak) in Lucie Thibault and Jean Harvey (eds.) Sport Policy in Canada , Univerity of Ottawa Press

2013 "Pride and prejudice: How Aboriginal women have experienced Canadian sport" (with Audrey Giles and Vanessa Lodge-Gagné) in Guylaine Demers, Lorraine Greaves, Sandra Kirby and Marion Lay (eds.) Playing It Forward: 50 Years of Women and Sport in Canada , Feminist History Society

2013 "Bodies of meaning: Sports and games at Canadian residential schools" in Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada , UBC Press

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

2017 "'The only good thing that happened at school': Colonising narratives of sport in the Indian School Bulletin" (with Michael Heine) British Journal of Canadian Studies 30(2):205-225

2017 "‘Welcome to the Olympic Victims Hotel’: Homelessness and the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games" (with Sophy Chan) Sport in Society

2017 "“A Rink at this School is Almost as Essential as a Classroom”: Hockey and Discipline at Pelican Lake Indian Residential School, 1945–1951" (with Braden Te Hiwi) Canadian Journal of History 52(1):80-108

2016 "Negotiating Difference: How Aboriginal Athletes in the Maritimes Brokered their Involvement in Canadian Sport" (with Vanessa Lodge-Gagné and Audrey Giles) The International Journal of the History of Sport 33(16):1943-1962

2016 "The Illusion of Inclusion: Agenda 21 and the Commodification of Indigenous Culture in Olympic Games" PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas 53(Mega-Event Cities)

2016 "Truth, Reconciliation, and the Politics of the Body in Indian Residential School History" (with Evan J. Habkirk) History Matters

2015 "Make the Indian Understand his Place: Politics and the Establishment of the Tom Longboat Awards at Indian Affairs and the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada" Sport in History 35(2):241-270

2014 "Fred Simpson Is No Tom Longboat: Public Memory and the Construction of Historical Knowledge" (with Josh Archer) Sport History Review 45(1):37-58

2014 pdf "Aboriginal Sport in the City: Implications for Participation, Health, and Policy in Canada" Aboriginal Policy Studies 3(1-2):214-222

Published Technical Writing

2013 "A Pacesetter: The International Centre for Olympic Studies at Western University" in On the Periphery: New Perspectives on the Olympic Movement , Walla Walla Press