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Janice Forsyth, Associate Professor

Director, Indigenous Studies Full CV  pdf

Past Teaching

  • Canadian Sport History
  • Olympic Issues for Modern Times
  • Olympic Games: Issues
  • Physical Culture & Health at Indian Residential Schools
  • Advance Topics in Qualitative Research
  • A Postcolonial Approach to Understanding 'Development' Through Sport
  • Aboriginal Sport History
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Community Development through Qualitative Methods

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
>for more see Full CV

Books (Edited Collections)

2020 Reclaiming Tom Longboat: Indigenous Self-Determination in Canadian Sport, University of Regina Press.

2017 Olympic Perspectives (ed. with Stephan Wassong and Richard Baka), Routledge

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

2019 "Witnessing painful pasts: Understanding images of sports at Canadian Indian residential schools" (with Taylor McKee) Journal of Sport History 46(2):175-188.

2018 "Correlates of participation in sports and physical activities among Indigenous youth" (with Piotr Wilk, Alana Maltby, and Martin Cooke) Aboriginal Policy Studies 7(1):62-83.

2017 "'The only good thing that happened at school': Colonising narratives of sport in the Indian School Bulletin" (with Michael Heine) British Journal of Canadian Studies 30(2):205-225

2017 "‘Welcome to the Olympic Victims Hotel’: Homelessness and the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games" (with Sophy Chan) Sport in Society

2017 "“A Rink at this School is Almost as Essential as a Classroom”: Hockey and Discipline at Pelican Lake Indian Residential School, 1945–1951" (with Braden Te Hiwi) Canadian Journal of History 52(1):80-108

2016 "Negotiating Difference: How Aboriginal Athletes in the Maritimes Brokered their Involvement in Canadian Sport" (with Vanessa Lodge-Gagné and Audrey Giles) The International Journal of the History of Sport 33(16):1943-1962

2016 "The Illusion of Inclusion: Agenda 21 and the Commodification of Indigenous Culture in Olympic Games" PUBLIC: Art | Culture | Ideas 53(Mega-Event Cities)

2016 "Truth, Reconciliation, and the Politics of the Body in Indian Residential School History" (with Evan J. Habkirk) History Matters

2015 "Make the Indian Understand his Place: Politics and the Establishment of the Tom Longboat Awards at Indian Affairs and the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada" Sport in History 35(2):241-270