Social Demography and Migration

Faculty in this area examine population dynamics, including family demography, population health, and patterns of crime and violence. Areas of particular strength lies in the study of migration, with faculty research in areas such as international migration, policy, and the economic and social integration of children of immigrants. Additional areas of strength are family dynamics, and demographic methods.

Research Stories

Life Events and Loneliness Transitions Among Middle-Aged and Older Adults Around the World

This paper is part of a broader project on the changing kinship networks of older adults and the implications for population health, well-being, and social integration. This work is funded by the National Institute of Health in the United States and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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Homeownership amongst second-generation immigrants in Canada

Homeownership is a primary aspiration for many immigrants to Canada, and although copious literature follows the progression of newer arrivals, much less research focuses on the success levels of their children, particularly those born in Canada.

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