Emeritus Faculty

  • Anton Allahar

    Anton Allahar

    Professor Emeritus
    Economic and political sociology of the Caribbean
    Ideology, ethnicity, class and nationalism
    SSC 5206
    519-661-2111 x85116

  • William R Avison

    William R Avison

    Professor Emeritus
    Medical sociology
    Social disparities in maternal and child health
    Families experiencing stress across the life course

  • T.R. Balakrishnan

    T.R. Balakrishnan

    Professor Emeritus
    Ethnic settlement patterns
    SSC 5210

  • Roderic P. Beaujot

    Roderic P. Beaujot

    Professor Emeritus
    Leader - Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster
    Demographics and implications for social policy
    SSC 5210
    519-661-2111 x 84422

  • Thomas K. Burch

    Thomas K. Burch

    Professor Emeritus
    Marriage, family and household
    Computer simulation and statistical modelling

  • Michael Carroll

    Michael Carroll

    Professor Emeritus
    Dean - Faculty of Arts - Laurier University
    Sociology of religion
    519-884-0710 x3891

  • Samuel Clark

    Samuel Clark

    Professor Emeritus
    Social stratification
    SSC 5421
    519-661-2111 x85127

  • Ingrid Arnet Connidis

    Ingrid Arnet Connidis

    Professor Emerita
    Family ties and aging
    Centrality of gender to family life
    Value of life course perspective and context in studying relationships
    Policy implications of research results
    SSC 5329

  • James Cote

    James Cote

    Professor Emeritus
    Youth studies
    Sociology of education
    Identity studies

  • Ed Grabb

    Ed Grabb

    Professor Emeritus
    Social inequality
    Comparative analysis of social structures, institutions, values and behaviours across Canada, the United States and other nations

  • Carl F. Grindstaff

    Carl F. Grindstaff

    Professor Emeritus

  • Charles G. Levine

    Charles G. Levine

    Professor Emeritus
    Social Psychology
    Ego development
    Critical theory
    The history of sociological theory

  • Paul Maxim

    Paul Maxim

    Professor Emeritus
    Socio-economic integration of immigrants into Canada
    Formal labour force experience of Canada's Aboriginal peoples
    SSC 5210

  • Kevin McQuillan

    Kevin McQuillan

    Professor Emeritus
    Historical demography, historial sociology
    Demography of the family
    Social change and development

  • B. Gail Perry

    B. Gail Perry

    Professor Emerita
    Sociology of health

  • Jerry White

    Jerry White

    Director - Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International)
    Co-Director - Indigenous Health and Well-Being Initiative
    Director - IndigiLINK World Social Networking for Indigenous Scholars, Communities, Educators and Policy Makers

  • Paul C. Whitehead

    Paul C. Whitehead

    Professor Emeritus
    Use of copyrighted documents
    Impact of social cohesion on health and other population outcomes of Aboriginal communities
    Evaluation of social programs and government policies