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Charles G. Levine

Photo by Eric Simard

Charles G. Levine, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D University of Alberta Full CV
M.A. McMaster University
B.A. McMaster University



Dr. Levine's teaching specializations and research interests are in social psychology, ego development, critical theory and the history of sociological theory.

Current Research Projects

The Structure of Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Reasoning.

The rational reconstruction of identity theory: the role of normative justifications in theory and research.

The construction of a structural metaphor for Erikson’s conception of psycho-social development.

Recent Teaching Awards

2009-10 USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence

2008-09 USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence

2007-08 USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence

2006-07 USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence

2006-07 Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

2005 - UWO Student Council Teaching Award
for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Select Publications
>for more see Full CV


(2015) Identity Formation, Youth, and Development: A Simplified Approach , (with James E. Côté) Psychology Press.

(2002) Identity, Agency, and Culture: A Social Psychological Synthesis (with James Côté) Lawrence Earlbaum

Refereed Journal Publications

(2005) “What happened to agency? Some observations concerning the postmodern perspective on identity” Identity: an International Journal of Theory and Research 5(2):175-186.

(2003) “Introduction: structure, development, and identity formation” Identity: an International Journal of Theory and Research 3(3):191-195.

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status: MA, PhD

PhD Theses

Currently supervising Darren Rainhard, Needle in a Haystack: Searching for Evidence of the 'Epistemological Shift.'

Secil Erdogan, Identity Formation and Acculturation: The Case of Karen Refugees in London, Ontario. Supervisors: Chuck Levine and Jim Côté.

MA Theses

Jade Da Costa, An Examination of the Emergence of the Queer Figure in North American Culture Using a Queer Marxist Theoretical Framework.

Claire Henderson, Ascertaining the Impact of Relativism on Moral Reasoning.

Boon Teong Tng, Construct Validity of the Epistemological Shift.

Aaron Segaert, Identity, Alienation, and Agency in the University Context.

Derek McKay, Tensions between the Rational and the Conventional: Critical Reflections on the Methodology of Sociological Inquiry.

Patricia Pakvis, Exploring Ego Development and Moral Reasoning During the Identity Phase.

Lisa Jakubowski, Identity and Morality: The Theories of Kohlberg and Erikson.

MA Research Paper

Emma Wise, Finding Persons: The Construction of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Canadian Social Surveys.