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B. Gail Perry

Photo by Eric Simard

B. Gail Perry, Professor Emerita

BA Psychology, University of Western OntarioShort CV
MA Sociology, specializing in Addictions, University of Western Ontario
PhD Epidemiology, University of Western Ontario Personal Website
Post-doctoral Fellowship, SSHRC Program in Population Aging


Dr. Perry's interests lie in health, healthcare, aging, and addictions.


Dr. Perry joined Sociology in 1982, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1988, and after teaching for 29 years, was granted Professor Emerita status in 2011.

In her words: "I attended The University of Western Ontario for all my post-secondary education, although each of my degrees is in a different substantive area. My BA is in Psychology, my MA in Sociology and my PhD in Epidemiology. For those who might wonder why a degree in a field related to medicine qualifies me to teach Statistics in Sociology, it is simply that my training is in Research Methods and Statistics, with a substantive emphasis on the social determinants of health and illness. I taught courses in that area throughout my career. I love teaching and devoted increasing amounts of time to it, including the supervision of graduate students. During my career, I received several Awards of Excellence in the USC Teaching Honour Roll as well as an Award for Teaching Excellence from the Hellenic Council. More importantly, in my view at least, is the fact that many of my students have gone on to prestigious careers in our field, including several who now teach in our department. The most satisfying part of my job is receiving a note or e-mail from a student saying "Thank You" or telling me that what they learned in class REALLY does have some application in their lives. I spent the last five years of my career on long-term disability because of a chronic pain condition. During that time I attempted to pursue my life-long dream of writing fiction, with some success, although not a lot. (I will keep writing though.) My greatest pleasure now is feeling well enough to be able to return to the classroom, even though some of the new technology is a bit intimidating."