Adjunct Faculty

  • Anton Allahar

    Anton Allahar

    Professor Emeritus
    Economic and political sociology of the Caribbean
    Ideaology, ethnicity, class and nationalism
    SSC 5206
    519-661-2111 x85116

  • Ingrid Arnet Connidis

    Ingrid Arnet Connidis

    Professor Emerita
    Family ties and aging
    Centrality of gender to family life
    Value of life course perspective and context in studying relationships
    Policy implications of research results
    SSC 5329

  • James Cote

    James Cote

    Professor Emeritus
    Youth studies
    Sociology of education
    Identity studies
    SSC 5208
    Office Hours: by appointment

  • Eric Fong

    Eric Fong

    Adjunct Professor
    Professor of Sociology and Chair, Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Director - Centre on Migration and Mobility, Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Population dynamics
    Social demography
    Chinese U. Hong Kong

  • Feng Hou

    Feng Hou

    Adjunct Professor
    Senior Research, Social Analysis Division, Statistics Canada
    Immigration and the second generation
    Dynamics of social diversity
    Neighbourhood and community contextual effects
    Statistics Canada, Ottawa

  • Charles G. Levine

    Charles G. Levine

    Professor Emeritus
    Social Psychology
    Ego development
    Critical theory
    The history of sociological theory

  • Bali Ram

    Bali Ram

    Adjunct Professor
    Social demography and migration
    Marriage and the family
    Health, illness and mortality