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Jerry White

Photo by Eric Simard

Jerry P. White, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology

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Biographical Information

Ph.D. Sociology, McMaster University
M.A. Sociology, McMaster University
B.A. Hons Political Science and Economics, University of Saskatchewan


Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology

Emeritus Editor in Chief, International Indigenous Policy Journal

Board Member: London Community Foundation

Chair/Editor Vital Signs: Be the Change 

Brief Bio

Jerry White is currently Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Director of the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International) and Editor-in-Chief of the International Indigenous Policy Journal.

As a Professor and former Chair of the Department of Sociology he has held many posts at the University of Western Ontario including Acting Director of First Nation Studies, Senior Advisor to the Vice President and the Senate at Western. Jerry served on the Western’s Board of Governors and was President for Board of the Museum of Ontario Archeology. Over his career he has served on many public inquiries and Provincial boards including being the founding co-Chair of the Ontario Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council.

Dr. White has won numerous teaching awards including the Pleva Professorship and has authored, co-authored and/or edited 22 books.


Teaching Awards

2001 Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Western Ontario

1998-99 Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, University of Western Ontario, Bank of Nova Scotia, Alumni Association and The University Students Council

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status: MA, PhD

PhD Theses

Currently supervising: Natahnee Winder, PhD Sociology in progress: The experience of indigenous Students in University and the impact of inter-generational Trauma: Canada and the US

Selected completed PhD supervisions:

Fatih Sekercioglu PhD Geography: How to Achieve Safe Water in Ontario’s Small Drinking Systems

Julie Peters, PhD Sociology: Issues in Aboriginal Education

Julie George, PhD Sociology: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and the Social Determinants of Aboriginal Peoples' Health: A Case Study of First Nations Women's Resilience, Resistance, and Renewal

Susan Wingert, PhD Sociology: Social Determinants of Mental Health and Well-Being among Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Nicholas Spence, PhD Sociology: New Vistas on the Income Inequality-Health Debate

Sally Lindsay, PhD Sociology: The Role of Gender Within ‘Substitute’ Health Care Labour

Selected Masters Supervisions

Summer Thorpe, Faculty of Education MA: Making Indigenous Education Policy

Laura Murphy: Moving House: Urban Aboriginal Housing in Canada

Julie George: Elements of Effective Schooling for Canadian Aboriginal Students Attending Provincial and Band-Controlled Schools

Rena Bivens: The Road to War: Manufacturing Public Opinion in Support of U.S. Foreign Policy Goals

Jennifer Beales: Pharmacy Student Attitudes to Their Professionalization

Douglas Enright: The Conceptualization and Operationalization of Social Capital

Erin O'Sullivan: Aboriginal Language Use and Socioeconomic Status

Michael Stevenson: Habermas and Lyotard on Justice and Consensus

Jennifer Hoffman: Moral Panics and the Strengthening of Hegemony: The Deficit and Debt 'Crisis' in Canada

Julie Harnish: Hospital Restructuring in Ontario: The London Experience

Bob Nikolopoulos: The State and Labour Law: Union Certification Under Bill 40 and Bill 7

Jen Elgie: Aboriginal Specific Services as Promoting Community and Cultural Resiliency: An Analysis of Abbey House, a Supportive Transitional Housing Organization for Aboriginal Women

Katherine Capone: Examining the Association Between Aboriginal Language Skills and Well-being in First Nations Communities

Select Publications
>for more see Full CV

Articles in Refereed Journals (last 6 years)

(2014) "Aboriginal Educational Attainment in Canada" (with Catherine Gordon) International Indigenous Policy Journal 5(3).

(2012) "Developing Oil and Gas Resources On or Near Indigenous Lands in Canada: An Overview of Laws, Treaties, Regulations and Agreements" (with Laura Wright) International Indigenous Policy Journal 3(2).

(2012) "Water and Indigenous Peoples: Canada’s Paradox" (with Laura Murphy and Nicholas Spence) International Indigenous Policy Journal 3(3).

Books (last 10 years):

(2013) ed. (with Michael Caroll) Images of Society: Readings That Inspire and Inform Sociology, 3rd Edition Nelson Education

(2011) ed. Urban Aboriginal Communities in Canada: Complexities, Challenges, and Opportunities (Peter Dinsdale, Jerry White, and Calvin Hanselmann eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing

(2010) ed. Aboriginal Policy Research Vol 10: Voting, Governance and Politics (Jerry White, Julie Peters, Dan Beavon, and Peter Dinsdale eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

(2010) ed. Aboriginal Policy Research Vol IX: Health and Well-being (Jerry White, Julie Peters, Peter Dinsdale, and Dan Beavon eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

(2010) ed. Aboriginal Policy Research Vol VIII: Exploring the Urban Landscape (Jerry White, and Jody Bruhn eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

(2010) ed. Aboriginal Policy Research: Vol VII: A History of Treaties and Policies (Jerry White, Erik Anderson, Jean-Pierre Morin, and Dan Beavon eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Press.

(2010) Introduction to Sociology: A Canadian Focus, 10th ed. (with W.E. Hewitt and James Teevan) Toronto: Pearson Education Canada

(2010) ed. Images of Society, 2nd ed. (Jerry White and Michael Carroll eds.) Toronto: Nelson.

(2009) ed. Aboriginal Education: Current Crisis and Future Alternatives (Jerry White, Julie Peters, Dan Beavon, and Nicholas Spence eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

(2009) ed. Aboriginal Policy Research Vol VI: Learning, Technology, and Traditions (Jerry White, Julie Peters, Dan Beavon, and Peter Dinsdale eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Press.

(2008) ed. Aboriginal Well-Being: Canada’s Continuing Challenge (Jerry White, Dan Beavon, and Nicholas Spence eds.) Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing.

Jerry White currently leads an international research program looking at the impact and benefits of development on or near Indigenous peoples territories in Northern Canada and Russian Siberia.

Current Research Projects

Vital Signs : An Assessment of London’s Trends in relation to Social Development Goals.

Social Determinants of Well-being for Aboriginal Communities in Canada

Research and Teaching Networks

Indigenous Health and Well-being Initiative (IHWI)

Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International)