Jennifer Silcox

Jennifer Silcox, Adjunct Assistant Professor

PhD, Sociology, Western University

Jennifer Silcox is a criminologist who specializes in gender, youth crime, and media. She is currently collaborating with faculty at the University of South Carolina on two projects relating to news coverage of violent girls in US and Canadian media outlets. Additionally, she is part of a team at the London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London exploring youth perceptions of human dignity in mental health care. In the community, she has worked with non-profit organizations carrying out public outreach with women in prison and women and girls involved in the sex trade. As well, she has worked with youth in conflict with the law as part of their rehabilitation and diversion. On campus, she has helped with sexual harassment and violence education, workshops on transgender inclusivity in the classroom, and restorative justice panels assisting student victims of sexual hazing.

Areas of Specialization

  • Criminology;
  • Youth crime;
  • Media;
  • Qualitative research;
  • Social inequality;
  • Intersectionality;
  • Women and crime;
  • Mental health

Selected Publications