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Lauren Barr

Photo by Rob Rombouts

Lauren Barr, Lecturer

Learning Administrator, London Health Sciences Centre Full CV

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B.Ed, Althouse, University of Western Ontario (2007)
M.A., Sociology, University of Western Ontario (2005)
B.A. (hons) Sociology, Kings University College (2002)

Currently Teaching

  • 1021E - 001 Introduction to Sociology
  • 2144B - 001 Sociology of Education
  • 2206A - 650 Research Methods in Sociology
  • 2247B - 001 Sociology of Health Care
  • 2247A - 650 Sociology of Health Care
  • 2259 - 001 Sociology of Deviance

Lauren Barr has a particular interest in education, health, deviance and gender.

Current Research Projects

Examining the idea of 'Success'