Registration Status

A graduate student proceeding to a degree must maintain continuous registration in each successive term (Fall/Winter/Summer) from initial registration until all requirements for the degree are completed. Exception: A leave of absence may be granted on medical or compassionate grounds. If a leave of absence is taken during a period when a student is eligible for funding, the period of funding eligibility is extended by the duration of the period of the leave.

Part-time registration may be granted in exceptional circumstances. Examples of such circumstances are: full-time employment related to the student's field of study, admission to another full-time university program or medical or compassionate circumstances that make it impossible for the student to continue to devote full-time attention to his or her program of study.

Students should consult the Graduate Chair regarding the following: 


  • Thesis Defense Only (TDO) Status Students who submit their thesis electronically for preliminary examination by the end of a term are eligible for Thesis Defence Only (TDO) status for the following term. A student with TDO status pays only part-time ancillary fees (a significant savings!) for the TDO term and may defend and complete any time during the TDO term.  A requests for TDO status should be submitted at least one month prior to the start of the proposed TDO term by completing the request form. For further details and a link to the request form, click here. The student would graduate at the applicable convocation after completion of program requirements (i.e., after the thesis examination, revisions, and submission of final copy of thesis and Certificate of Examination).
  • Apply to Graduate  Students must apply to graduate through the online Student Center - - at any time during the term of expected completion.