Grad Students Published

Aug. 2012

Journal of Interpersonal Violence 28(2) coverPh.D students Georgios Fthenos and Danielle Hryniewicz, with Professor Laura Huey, have just published an article on their research in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence: "'If Something Happened, I Will Leave It, Let It Go and Move On': Resiliency and Victimized Homeless Women's Attitudes Toward Mental Health Counseling"

In their research, they used interviews conducted with 60 homeless women in Detroit and Chicago about their experiences of violent criminal victimization and their attitudes toward accessing various postvictimization assistance—in particular, mental health counseling. Contrary to the research literature, which tends to overemphasize pathological responses to victimization within this population, this research data reveals the extent to which victimized homeless women exhibit signs of resiliency through both attitudes and coping behaviors. Further, their expressed attitudes demonstrate the existence of a complex set of relationships between trauma, resiliency, and the desire to access mental health services. In this article, Huey, Fthenos, and Hryniewicz suggest these findings have implications for the delivery of mental health services to this group.