Grad Students Published

May 2012

Society and Mental HealthGrad students Georgios Fthenos and Danielle Hryniewicz co-authored with Dr. Laura Huey the article "'I Need Help and I Know I Need Help. Why Won't Nobody Listen to Me?': Trauma and Homeless Women's Experiences with Accessing and Consuming Mental Health Services" which has just been published in Society and Mental Health.

In their research they reveal trauma experienced by homeless women and their ability to access counseling services. Using interviews conducted with 79 homeless women in Detroit and Chicago their study reveals the extent to which women have experienced multiple forms of trauma and other significant stressors over their life course, events that have serious negative effects on their mental and emotional well-being. The study reveals experiences with ability to access counseling services and barriers to service use. Based on the findings in this study, Huey, Fthenos, and Hryniewicz conclude that the “pathological homeless woman” is a construct tied to women’s experiences with a health care system that frequently fails them.