Location and Accessibility

Welcome.Social Science Centre viewed from main inner staircase
A few of our events each year are held in the Dean's Office of Social Science. Here is some information to help you locate these events...
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Finding SSC 9420, 9428, 9430

9th floor, Social Science Building (SSC)
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario

Social Science

to SSC 9420, 9428, 9430


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Map shows accessible parking, accessible paths, curb cuts in sidewalks, automated door openers and ramps.

Western Accessibility Contact

Service disruptions for the Social Science area are posted on www.ssc.uwo.ca/about_us/accessibility_socialscience.html

Sociology events: contact socevent@uwo.ca if you require information in an alternate format, or if any other arrangements can make an event accessible to you.

Classes or meetings with instructors: contact your instructor directly if any arrangements are needed to make the activity accessible to you.

Contact Sociology staff if any further accessibility arrangements are needed for your activities in our department.