Sociology Colloquium Series

The Sociology Colloquium Series is open to the public, students and scholars of any discipline. We are looking forward to presenting a diverse series of virtual events for 2020-2021. Each session is limited to the first 100 participants.

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Upcoming Colloquia

Thurs. Sept. 24 How to talk outside of the ivory tower


Nicholas Keung
The Toronto Star

Keung is the immigration reporter for The Toronto Star, writing about international migration policies, as well as diversity and human rights issues.

Fri. Oct. 23 Science v. the Sacred, a Dead-end Settler Ontology -- And Then What?

Dr. Kim Tallbear

Dr. Kim TallBear
University of Alberta

TallBear is Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience and Environment. She studies the ways in which genetic science is co-constituted with notions of race and indigeneity.


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Fri. Oct. 30 Neighbourhood SES and Spread of COVID-19

Kate H. Choi

Dr. Kate H. Choi
Western University

Choi is a social demographer whose research investigates the nature, determinants, and consequences of social inequality.


Fri. Nov. 13 Life Near the End: Social Conditions and Well-being during the last few years

Rachel Margolis

Dr. Rachel Margolis
Western University

Rachel Margolis ia a demographer and sociologist who studies how family dynamics shape population change over time.


Fri. Nov. 27 How to engage with media II - TV and online journalism

Marieke Walsh

Marieke Walsh
The Globe and Mail

Walsh is parliamentary reporter in The Globe and Mail’s Ottawa bureau.


Fri. Feb. 5Fertility desires and behaviors

Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Dr. Karen Benjamin Guzzo
Bowling Green State University




Fri. Mar. 12Race/ethnicity and health/medicine

Dr. Kimberly Huyser

Dr. Kimberly Huyser
University of British Columbia




Mon. Apr. 5 Inequalities in education

Janice Aurini

Dr. Janice Aurini
Associate Professor, Sociology
University of Waterloo

Aurini's research examines issues related to education and schooling. These projects intersect with research and theories of organizations, family, inequality, and technology.



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