Overlap - Substitution Between Modules

Overlapping Courses Between Sociology Modules

Sociology 2205A/B, 2206A/B and 2240E or 2270A/B and 2271A/B are required courses for all majors and specializations offered by the Department of Sociology. When students combine two majors (e.g., Major in Sociology and Major in Criminology) or a specialization and a major (Honors Specialization in Sociology and Major in Criminology), however, these courses only need to be taken once. Sociology 2205A/B and 2206A/B will be counted toward both modules. Sociology 2240E or 2270A/B and 2271A/B will count toward one module and an additional 1.0 course at the 2200-level in Sociology must be taken for the other module.

This means that students taking two majors in Sociology have 11.0 required courses while those combining a specialization and a major have 14.0.

Please note that this is the only overlap allowed between Sociology modules. The Department does not permit any course overlap between a Minor and another module offered in Sociology.

Statistics Substitution

Students who have taken any course from the following list, will need to replace Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology with an additional 0.5 Sociology course at the 2200 level.

Sociology 2205A/B Antirequisites: Biology 2244A/B, Economics 2122A/B, 2222A/B, Geography 2210A/B, Health Sciences 3801A/B, MOS 2242A/B, Psychology 2810, 2820E, 2830A/B, 2885, Social Work 2205, Statistical Sciences 2035, 2037A/B if taken before Fall 2010, Statistical Sciences 2141A/B, 2143A/B, 2244A/B, 2858A/B and the former 2122A/B.


Statistics and Research Methods Substitution

Students who have completed Social Work 2205 must replace Sociology 2205A/B, Statistics for Sociology, and Sociology 2206A/B, Research Methods in Sociology, with 1.0 Sociology course at the 2200 level.

Students who take a full course (1.0 course) as a statistics substitution to satisfy the requirement for Sociology 2205A/B will have an additional 0.5 course for their module.