Specialization in Sociology

The Specialization in Sociology is a non-honours module for students who are interested in taking a lot of Sociology courses across the department’s 4 core areas (Power and Justice, Work and the Economy, Health and the Life Course, and Social Demography and Migration). Students in the Specialization module get hands-on experience applying their skills in methods, theory, writing, presenting, and policy in upper-year courses.

Specialization in Sociology (Checklist)

Admissions Requirements: Students must complete 1.0 courses at the 1000-level to enter the module (Sociology 1020, Sociology 1021E, Sociology 1025A/B, Sociology 1026F/G, Sociology 1027A/B,) with no mark below 60%. Students must request entery into the module during Intent to Register in March.

Module Requirements: The Specialization in Sociology consists of 9.0 credits in Sociology and is part of a 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

  • Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology (0.5 course)
  • Sociology 2206A/B Research Methods in Sociology (0.5 course)
  • One of the following theory courses (Sociology 2263A/B, Sociology 2240E, Sociology 2270A/B, or Sociology 2271A/B (0.5 course)
  • 4.5 courses in Sociology numbered 2000-3999
  • 2.0 courses in Sociology numbered 3000-4999
  • 1.0 courses in Sociology numbered 4000-4999

Note: Students who entered the module in 2021 or earlier may follow either the previous module requirements or the new 2022-present module requirements. The 2022-present module allows for more course enrollment flexibility.