Honours Specialization in Sociology

The Honours Specialization in Sociology module is for students with a strong interest in Sociology and are interested in learning how to apply the skills learned in this degree. Students in the Honours Specialization module get hands-on experience applying their skills in methods, theory, writing, presenting, and policy in upper-year courses. This module prepares students for a Masters or PhD in Sociology, law school, or another advanced degree.

Enrollment in this module is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that students wishing to transfer into this module will be offered enrollment.

Honours Specialization in Sociology (Checklist)

Admissions Requirements: 

Progression Requirements: Students must maintain a 70% module average with no mark below 60% in each module course and have no failed courses in any subject. Students who do not meet the progression requirements will be removed from the Honours Specialization module.

Module Requirements: The Honours Specialization in Sociology consists of 9.0 credits in Sociology and is part of a 4-year Honours Bachelor’s degree.

  • Sociology 2205A/B Statistics for Sociology (0.5 course)
  • Sociology 2206A/B Research Methods in Sociology (0.5 course)
  • One of the following theory courses (Sociology 2263A/B, Sociology 2240E, Sociology 2270A/B, or Sociology 2271A/B (0.5 course)
  • Sociology 3306A/B Investigating the Social World: Quantitative Research (0.5 course)
  • Sociology 3307A/B Investigating the Social World: Qualitative Research (0.5 course)
  • Sociology 3404F/G Modern Sociological Theory (0.5 course)
  • 3.0 courses in Sociology numbered 2000-4999
  • 1.5 courses in Sociology numbered 3000-4999
  • 1.5 courses in Sociology numbered 4000-4999

Note: Students who entered the module in 2021 or earlier may follow either the previous module requirements or the new 2022-present module requirements. The 2022-present module allows for more course enrollment flexibility.