Independent Study Courses

The following is a sample of independent study courses in the area of Inequality and Change and Population Studies that professors in the department are willing to offer to graduate students if schedules permit. Students should feel free to request other topics in which they are interested. See Reading Courses section of The Graduate Handbook for further information.

Tracey Adams

  • Professions
  • Gender and Work

Samuel Clark

  • Status
  • Comparative-Historical Methods
  • The Making of Modern Society

Julie McMullin

  • Gender Inequality
  • Aging and Inequality Throughout the Life Course
  • Globalization and Paid Work

Anabel Quan-Haase

  • Theory and Research in Mass Communication
  • Internet and Society: A Critical Review
  • Issues on the Networked Organization

Jerry White

  • The Aboriginal Condition
  • Nations and Nationalism
  • Social Capital and Aboriginal Education