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Independent Study / Reading Course

Sociology Independent Study Course Guidelines

An Independent Study (Soc 3398F/G, 3399F/G, 4498F/G, 4499F/G) course provides the student with an opportunity to (a) explore in more depth or detail an area which a student has encountered in a previous course or (b) explore an area which is not part of the curriculum in sociology. The first step in taking an independent study is to locate a faculty member who is willing to supervise the course. Faculty members are not under any obligation to offer an independent study, though many are willing to do so in areas where they have a special interest or expertise.

The goal of an independent study course is to provide a learning experience for the student that is not otherwise available through the existing curriculum. Such courses are NOT offered to provide research assistance for a faculty member, and students should not ask for Independent Study simply because they are having difficulty with timetabling.


Independent Study courses are restricted to students in years 3 and 4 who are enrolled in one of the Honors Specializations offered by Sociology. Students can only take two of Soc. 3398F/G, 3399F/G, 4498F/G, 4499F/G to complete their degree requirements. Only one Independent Study course may be taken per term.

Procedure for Proposal Approval

This proposal should be submitted to the Undergraduate Program Advisor during or before the first week of the term in which student intends to take the Independent Study.

Please visit the Undergraduate Program Advisor in SSC 5304 to pick up a copy of the proposal form.