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Kate Choi

Photo by Eric Simard

Kate H. Choi, Associate Professor

Ph.D., Sociology, University of California - Los Angeles
M.A, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
B.S., Economics, Duke University Personal Website

Kate H. Choi is a social demographer who studies the causes and consequences of international migration for migrants, their families, and the communities in which they live. Her work examines how migration influences family formation processes (i.e., marriage, assortative mating, and fertility) and explores how the resulting changes in family composition and size go on to affect the educational composition of future generations in Mexico and the United States.

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)

2018 "The relationship between low birthweight and childhood health: disparities by race, ethnicity, and national origin" (with M. Martinson) Annals of Epidemiology 28(10): 705-709.

2018 "Intermarriage and the Lifecycle Timing of Migration" (with Marta Tienda) International Migration Review 52(3):929-962.

2018 "Fertility Behavior of Interracial Couples" (with R. Goldberg) Journal of Marriage and Family 80(4): 871-887.

2017 "Boundary crossing in first marriage and remarriage" (with Marta Tienda) Social Science and Research 62: 305-316.

2017 "Marriage-Market Constraints and Mate-Selection Behavior: Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Differences Intermarriage" (with Marta Tienda) Journal of Marriage and Family 79(2): 301-317.

2016 "Understanding patterns of contraceptive use among never married Mexican American women" (with Erin Hamilton) Demographic Research 34(40): 1129-1160.

2015 "Asian children's verbal development: A comparison of the United States and Australia" (with Amy Hsin and Sara McLanahan) Social Science Research 52: 389-407.

2015 "The mixed effects of migration: Community Level migration and birthweight in Mexico" (with Erin Hamilton) Social Science and Medicine 132: 278-286.

2014 "Fertility in the context of Mexican migration to the United States: A case for incorporating the pre-migration fertility of immigrants" Demographic Research 30(24):703-738.

2014 "Widowhood, Age Heterogamy, and Health: The Role of Selection, Marital Quality, and Health Behaviors" (with S. Vasunilashorn) Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 69(1):123-134


3364G-001 Selected Topics: Marriage Markets

3381G-001 Migration and Family