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Sean Waite

Photo taken by: Cliff Davidson

Sean Waite, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., McGill University (Sociology)Full CV pdf

B.A., King's University College, Western University

In the News

June 7, 2016 "Wage gap exists for LGBTQ Canadians, and current research doesn’t tell the full story" Yahoo News, Finance

March 23, 2016 "Are Gay Employees Paid Less Than Straight Ones?" Newsweek

June 17, 2015 "Unequal Pay: The Gay Wage Gap" The Atlantic


Sean Waite’s research explores how gender and sexual orientation shape human capital acquisition, occupation and industry choice and earnings in Canada. He is currently working on a collaborative project that combines quantitative, qualitative and experimental research methods to study the employment experiences and outcomes of Canada’s LGBTQ community. Sean also examines returns to higher education, with a particular interest in the labour market outcomes of Canada’s doctoral graduates.

Current Research Projects

Employment Discrimination and the Labour Market Experiences of Canada’s LGBTQ Population

Partnership Development for Community-Based Research on LGBTQ Identity, Poverty and Health. Collaborator with Lori Ross, Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto

Postgraduate employment, earnings, and the gender wage gap: An analysis of the labour market outcomes of Canada’s masters and doctoral graduates

Same-sex and opposite-sex coupling in Canada: How does selection into partnership impact sexual minority wage gaps

Recent Activities

Oct. 20 presented  “The Nuts and Bolts of the Publishing Process” for the Professional Development Seminar (PROSEM) at Western University, Department of Sociology

Aug. 15 presented "“Is it my sexual orientation?...”: LGBTQ employment experiences" at the American Sociological Association 112th Annual Meeting, Montreal

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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Peer-Reviewed Articles

(forthcoming) "Sexual orientation wage gaps across contexts: Evidence from Canada" (with Nicole Denier) Industrial Relations / Relations Industrielles.

(2017) "Postgraduate Wage Premiums and the Gender Wage Gap in Canada" Canadian Journal of Higher Education 47(2):156-187.

(2017) "Gender differences in the earnings produced by middle range education: The case of Canadian ‘colleges’" (with Michael Smith and Claire Durand) Social Science Research 66: 140-153.

(2016) "Data and discrimination: A research note on sexual orientation in the Canadian labour market" (with Nicole Denier) Canadian Studies in Population 43(3-4): 264-71.

(2016) "Self-Employment among Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Couples in Canada" (with Nicole Denier) Canadian Review of Sociology 53(2): 143-175.

(2015) "Does it get better? A quasi-cohort analysis of sexual minority wage gaps" Social Science Research 54: 113-130.

(2015) "Gay Pay for Straight Work: Mechanisms Generating Disadvantage" (with Nicole Denier) Gender & Society 29(4): 561-588.

Other Publications

(2016) "From the Law Firm to the Lecture Hall" Sociology on the Rock 14: 2-4.

(2016) "There’s a wage hierarchy based on sexual orientation" (with Nicole Denier) LSE Business Review March 2016.

(2015) "How your sexual orientation can affect how much you earn" (with Nicole Denier) The London School of Economics and Political Science Daily Blog on American Politics and Policy.

(2015) "Gay Pay for Straight Work" (with Nicole Denier) Gender & Society Blog.