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Kim Shuey

Photo taken by: Eric Simard

Kim Shuey, Associate Professor

Graduate Chair, Sociology

Ph.D Sociology, Florida State UniversityFull CV
M.S. Sociology, Florida State University
B.A. Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College


2009 Outstanding Publication Award, American Sociological Association's Section on Aging and the Life Course (co-recipients A. Willson, G. Elder, Jr.), received for "Cumulative Advantage Processes as Mechanisms of Inequality in Life Course Health" American Journal of Sociology


Dr. Shuey’s ongoing research focuses on health inequality over the life course and she is currently a co-principal investigator in a CIHR funded project that examines trajectories of health over the life course and across generations. She is also conducts research on the intersection of work, health, and aging in the new economy.

Current Research Projects

"Investigating health trajectories over the life course and across generations: A longitudinal analysis of the transmission of health and socioeconomic inequality from parents to their adult children." Funded by a CIHR Operating grant in Advancing Theoretical and Methodological Innovations in Health Research.

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

(2014) Shuey, Kim and Andrea Willson. “Economic Hardship in Childhood and Adult Health Trajectories:  An Alternative Approach to Investigating Life-course Processes” Advances in Life Course Research 22: 49-61.

(2013) Shuey, K. & E. Jovic."Disability Accommodation in Nonstandard and Precarious Employment Arrangements" Work and Occupations 40(2): 174-205.

(2008) Shuey, K. & A. Willson. "Cumulative Disadvantage and Black/White Differences in Life Course Health Trajectories"  Research on Aging 30(2):200-225.

(2007) Willson, A., K. Shuey, & G. H. Elder, Jr. "Cumulative Advantage Processes as Mechanisms of Inequality in Life-Course Health"  American Journal of Sociology 112(6):1886-1924.

(2007) ) O’Rand, A., & K. Shuey. "Gender and the Devolution of Pension Risks in the U.S."  Current Sociology 55(2):287-304.

Book Chapters:

(2010) Shuey, K. & H.r Spiegel. "The Structure of IT Work and its Effect on Worker Health: Job Stress and Burnout across the Life Course" in Julie A. McMullin and Victor W. Marshall (eds.) Aging and Working in the New Economy: Changing Career Structures in Small IT Firms,  Edward Elgar.

(2008) Shuey, K.  "Risk" pp 377-79 in D. Carr (ed.) Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, Farmington Hills, MI: Gale.

(2008) Avison, William R., Lorraine Davies, Andrea Willson, and Kim Shuey. "A Life Course Perspective on Stability and Change in Family Structure and others' Mental Health" pp 233-55 in S. Schieman and J. Turner (eds.) Advances in Life Course Research: Stress Processes across the Life Course, Oxford: Elsevier.

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status:  MA, PhD 

PhD Thesis

Katherine Bouchard, Current, Childhood Adversity and Mental Health Across the Life Course

Nicole Etherington, Current, Gender Differences in Health Trajectories over the Life Course  (Supervisory Committee)

Michael Haight, Current, Digital Inequality in Canada: Understanding Differentiated Use of the Internet (Supervisory Committee)

Jillian Bracken, 2015 (Music Education) “Family Music Listening Legacies: A Case Study-based Investigation of the Intergenerational Transmission of Music Listenership in Selected Families” (Supervisory Committee)

Yvonne Asare-Bediako, 2014, “Children's Mental Health: The Contribution of a Sociological Perspective” (Supervisory Committee).
Emily Jovic, 2009, “On Time and Off Time Career Trajectories in the New Economy: The Case of Information Technology Work
” (Supervisory Committee)

MA Thesis

Kaitlyn Blair, 2015,  Looking to the Future: Considering the Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Deaf Canadians  (Supervisory Committee)

Veronica Zapotoczny, 2014, Examining Contextual Factors and Resilience in Adolescents who Faced Adversity as Children

Haosen Sun, 2014, The Pathways to Mental Health in Young Adulthood and Beyond: The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Experiences Expressed Through Self-Esteem

Kayla Baumgartner, 2011, Inequality in Perceptions of Health: A Crossnational Comparison

Kristen Bishop, 2011 (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences – Health & Aging), Developing a Model to Explain the Process of Aging with Adult-Onset Physical Disability (Supervisory Committee)

Elisabeth Bartlett, 2010, Inequality in Natural Health Product Use: The Canadian Regulatory Regime

MA Research Papers

Monica Bochus, 2015, Neighbourhood Context and Youth Mental Health: The Role of Local Community Programming in a Mid-sized Ontario Urban Centre

Michael Thorpe, 2011, Intervention Timing and Depression: An Examination of the Time Lapse Between Onset and Intervention