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Western University SociologyFaculty of Social Science
Zenaida R. Ravanera

Photo by Eric Simard

Zenaida R. Ravanera, Adjunct Research Professor

Research Associate, Centre for Population, Aging and Health
Project Coordinator, Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster

Ph.D. (Demography) Vrije Universiteit BrusselFull CV
M.B.A. Xavier University, Philippines
B.Sc (Commerce) Xavier University, Philippines



Zenaida Ravanera's current research interests include Family Demography and Immigration

Current Research Projects

Vulnerable families and individuals: Risk and resilience over the adult life course

Select Publications
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Refereed Journal Publications

(2014) "Childlessness of men in Canada: Result of a waiting game in a changing family context" (with Roderic Beaujot) Canadian Studies in Population 41(1-2):38-60.

(2010) "Measuring Social Capital and Its Differentials by Family Structures" (with Fernando Rajulton) Social Indicators Research 95(1):63-90.

(2009) "Models of Earning and Caring: Determinants of the Division of Work" (with Roderic Beaujot and Jianye Liu) Canadian Review of Sociology 46(4):319-337.

(2009) "Family Models for Earning and Caring: Implications for Child Care and for Family Policy" (with Roderic Beaujot) Canadian Studies in Population 36(1-2):145-166.

(2008) "Men's Life Course Trajectories: Exploring the Differences by Cohort and Social Class" (with T. K. Burch and Fernando Rajulton) Social Biology 53(3-4):120-139.

(2008) "Family Change and Implications for Family Solidarity and Social Cohesion" (with Roderic Beaujot) Canadian Studies in Population 35(1): 73-101.

(2007) "Population Change in Canada to 2017 and Beyond: the Challenges to Policy Adaptation" (with Roderic Beaujot and Kevin McQuillan) Horizons 9(4):3-54.

(2007) "Informal Networks Social Capital of Fathers: What Does the Social Engagement Survey Tell Us?" Social Indicators Research 83(2):351-373.

(2007) "Changes in Economic Status and Timing of Marriage of Young Canadians" (with Fernando Rajulton) Canadian Studies in Population 34(1):49-67.

(2007) "Measuring social cohesion: an experiment using the Canadian National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participation" (with Rajulton Fernando and Zenaida Ravanera) Social Indicators Research 80(3):461-492.

(2006) "Social Status Polarization in the Timing and Trajectories to Motherhood" (With Fernando Rajulton) Canadian Studies in Population 33(2):179-207.

Book Chapters

(2012) "Canadian Fathers: Demographic and Socio-Economic Profiles from Census and National Surveys" (with John Hoffman) in K. Daly and J. Ball (eds.) Father Involvement in Canada: Diversity, Renewal, and Transformation UBC Press

(2012) "Childlessness and Socio-Economic Characteristics: What Does the Canadian 2006 General Social Survey Tell Us?" (with Roderic Beaujot) pp 165-171 in L. Tepperman and A. Kalyta (eds.) Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspective Oxford University Press.