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Anabel Quan-Haase

Photo taken by: Eric Simard

Anabel Quan-Haase, Associate Professor

Cross appointed with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies
President Canadian Association for Information Science

Ph.D Information Studies, U. Toronto
M.A. Psychology, Humboldt
B.A. Psychology, Humboldt

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Recent Activities

May 25 presented keynote "What is the Social and Economic Cost of the Digital Divide in Canada? Access, Digital Literacy and Educational Attainment" at the Equity in Digital Literacies: Access, Ethics and Engagement conference.

Mar 4 gave the Keynote address: "Sparks of insight, distraction, and a crooked path: Serendipity in the research process" at the Western Research Forum, IGAB Atrium

In the News

Dec. 28 "2016, the year fake news headlines fooled readers" CTV News

Dec. 4 "渥YouTube名人被訴 網絡內容監管引關注" 大紀元 [Epoch Times]

Dec. 4 "渥YouTube名人被诉 网络内容监管引关注" 大紀元 [Epoch Times]

Nov. 24 "Star of 24 Hour Challenge video channel charged, after quitting job to focus on making videos" Ottawa Citizen

Nov. 24 "Ottawa YouTube star JayStation known for '24 Hour Challenge videos' charged" Ottawa Sun

June 29 "Beyond Movies closing at end of summer, leaving Jumbo Video as last video rental store in London" London Free Press

June 14 "Kreative Computer – wenn die Software zum Erfinder wird" Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Feb. 11 "Smartphones have changed the dating game" The Gazette

Currently Teaching


2106A-001 Technology and Society

3301G-001 Internet and Society

Faculty of Information & Media Studies

LIS 9705/MS 9270: Information and Communication in a Digital Age

MIT 3374G-001: Social networking in everyday life

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status:  MA, PhD

MA Thesis

Andrew Nevin (jointly supervised with Paul-Philippe Pare), Cyber-psychopathy: Examining the Relationship Between Dark E-personality and Online Misconduct.

MA Research Papers

Tara Price, University Social Media Adoption Trends and Usage Patterns.

Brendan Watts (jointly supervised with Michael Gardiner), Capitalism Flies Through Space: A Marxist Analysis of Capitalist Ideology Within the Video Game Eve Online.

Michael Haight, Revisiting the Digital Divide in the Canadian Context.

Caitlin Oleson, Seeking Help in the Digital Age: Factors Contributing to Support Mobilization in the 21st Century.

David Wang, The Internet and Political Engagement: Examining the Relationship Internet Usage Has On Political Engagement.

Jordana Warner, The Internet as a Medium for Health Promotion and Prevention for Young Adults.

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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(2017) The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods (ed. with Luke Sloan), Sage Publishing.

(2016) Technology and Society: Social Networks, Power, and Inequality, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press Canada. ISBN: 9780199014712

(2013) Technology and Society: Inequality, Power, and Social Networks, Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780195437836

Refereed Journal Publications

(2013) "Are e-books substituting print books? Tradition, serendipity, and opportunity in the adoption and use of e-books for historical research and teaching" (with K. Martin) Journal of the American Society for Information Science 64(5):1016-1028.

(2013) "Privacy protection strategies on Facebook: The Internet privacy paradox revisited" (with A.L. Young) Information, Communication & Society 16(4):479-500.

(2013) "Digital curation and the networked audience of urban events: Expanding La Fiesta de Santo Tomás from the physical to the virtual environment" (with Kim E. Martin) International Communication Gazette special Issue, Frauke Zeller & Seija Ridell (eds.) 75(5-6):521-537.

(2012) "'A workers' inquiry 2.0': An ethnographic method for the study of produsage in social media contexts" (with B.A. Brown) tripleC 10(2):488-508.

(2012) "Instant messaging social networks: Individual, relational and cultural characteristics" (with G. Mesch, I. Talmud) Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 29(6):736-759.

(2011) "Facets of serendipity in everyday chance encounters: A grounded theory approach to blog analysis" (with V.L. Rubin, J. Burkell) Information Research 16(3)

(2010) "Self-Regulation in Instant Messaging (IM): Failures, Strategies, and Negative Consequences" International Journal of e-Collaboration 6(3):22-42.

(2010) "Persistence and Change in Social Media" (with Bernie Hogan) Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 30(5):309-315.

(2010) "Uses and Gratifications of Social Media: A Comparison of Facebook and Instant Messaging" (with Alyson L. Young) Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 30(5): 350-361.

Chapters in Books

(2010) "Reconnecting the user with their profile: Advances in the research of online user behaviours in social network sites" (with A. Young and D. Gurzick) in Ben Kei Daniel (ed.) Handbook of Research on Methods and Techniques for Studying Virtual Communities: Paradigms and Phenomena, IGI Global.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

(2012) "Social media and academic libraries: Current trends and future challenges" (with G.N. Collins) in Proceedings of the ASIS&T 75th Annual Meeting October 26-30, Baltimore, MD

(2012) "The effect of task roles on the perceived usability of management tools" (with L. Xiao) in Proceedings of the ASIS&T 75th Annual Meeting October 26-30, Baltimore, MD

(2012) "Digital humanities: the continuing role of serendipity in historical research" (with Kim Martin) in Proceedings of the iConference 2012, Toronto, ON, February 7-11.

(2012) "Promoting serendipity online: recommendations for tool design" (with Jacquelyn Burkell and Victoria L. Rubin) in Proceedings of the iConference 2012, Toronto, ON, February 7-11.

(2011). Seeking knowledge: An exploratory study of the role of social networks in the adoption of Ebooks by historians (with Kim Martin) in Proceedings of ASIS&T (American Society for Information Science and Technology) 74th Annual Meeting October 9-13, New Orleans.

(2010) "Everyday Serendipity as Described in Social Media" (with Victoria L. Rubin and Jacquelyn Burkell) in Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting: Navigating Streams in an Information Ecosystem, October 22-27, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

(2009) "Information revelation and internet privacy concerns on social network sites: a case study of facebook" (with Alyson L. Young) in Proceedings of the fourth international conference on Communities and technologies 265-274


Anabel Quan-Haase’s research interests lie in the area of computer-mediated communication, the networked society, social networks, and new media and social change.

Her current research projects examine how young people use instant messaging, Facebook, mobile phones and other communication tools and what the social consequences are for their social relations, community, and social capital.

Current Research Projects

Digging Digital Humanities

The role of Ebooks in humanist scholarship

eNETS-H [Electronic Networks of Exchange and Tools for Scholarship in the Humanities]

Facets of serendipity in everyday chance encounters

Hispanic Baroque

Breakup 2.0

Media use for disaster early warning systems in Brazil

Graphics, Animation and New Media

Networks of Centres of Excellence Programs

Instant Messaging on Campus

Find out more about Anabel's work at her website: http://sociodigital.net/