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Wolfgang Lehmann

Photo taken by: Eric Simard

Wolfgang Lehmann, Associate Professor

Undergraduate Program Chair, SociologyFull CV

Ph.D Sociology, University of Alberta,
M.A. Adult Education, University of Toronto/OISE
MBA, City University of New York
Vordiplom, University of Mannheim


Special Appointments

Undergraduate Program Chair (as of July 1, 2013)



Dr. Lehmann specializes in the areas of work, education, and social inequality. His main research focus is on the interplay between structural factors and individual agency in school-work transitions. He is currently working on a SSHRC-funded research project investigating the experiences of first-generation, working-class university students.

Current Research Projects

Tracking High-school Apprentices: Expectations, Experiences and Outcomes

University and Low Socio-economic Status Students: Access, Experiences, and Class Identity

Developing ‘vocational habitus’: The experiences of high school apprentices

International Students as Future Citizens

Recent Activities

May 26: Co-Organizer and Co-Chair, Empirical Studies in the Sociology of Education: Current Issues in higher education session,  Empirical Studies in the Sociology of Education: Education and social mobility session, Empirical Studies in the Sociology of Education: Determinants of success in post-secondary education session and the Empirical Studies in the Sociology of Education: Education policy and curriculum session of the Conference of the Canadian Sociological Association


1027B-001 Life is not always fair

3307F-001 Investigating the Social World: Qualitative Research

4450F-001 Education and Society

Thesis Supervision

Winner of University Student Council 2008 Teaching Honour Roll, The University of Western Ontario

Recent Publications
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(2016) (ed.) Education and Society: Canadian Perspectives, Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

(2017) "Labour Markets, Inequality, and the Future of Work" (with Tracey L. Adams) Chapter 6 in Edward Grabb, Jeffrey G. Reitz, and Monica Hwang (eds.), Social Inequality in Canada: Dimensions of Disadvantage, 6th ed., Oxford University Press

(2016) "Sociology of Education in Canada: History, Theory, and Research" in Wolfgang Lehmann (ed), Education and Society: Canadian Perspectives Oxford University Press

(2016) “'They really drill it into you to go to university': Influences on working-class students’ decision to go to university" in A.E. Stich and C. Freie, The working classes and higher education: Inequality of access, opportunity and outcome, Routledge

(2013) "In a class of their own: how working-class students experience university" in Rachel Brooks, Mark McCormack and Kalwant Bhopal (eds.) Contemporary Debates in the Sociology of Education, Palgrave.

(2013) "Das Berufsbildungssystem in Kanada –Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze" in Grundlagen der Weiterbildung Praxishilfen (Aktualisierungslieferung Nr. 102; April 2013), Luchterhand. (reprint)

(2013) "Extra-credential inflation" in Jerry White and Michael Carroll, Images of Society (3rd edition) Toronto: Nelson Canada

(2012) "Das Berufsbildungssystem in Kanada -Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze" in Carsten Kreklau and Josef Siegers (eds.) Handbuch der Aus- und Weiterbildung Köln: Wolters/Kluwer.

(2012) "Youth Apprenticeships in Canada: Context, Structures and Apprentices’ Experiences" in Matthias Pilz (ed) The Future of VET in a Changing World Wiesbaden: Springer (VS Verlag).

(2012) "Making the transition to post-school life: the Canadian situation" in S. Billett, G. Johnson, S. Thomas, C. Sim, S. Hay and J. Ryan (eds.) Experiences of school transitions: Policies, practice and participants Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Refereed Journal Publications

(2015) "On the Role of Habitus and Field in Apprenticeships" (with Alison Taylor), Work, Employment and Society 29(4): 607-623 DOI: 10.1177/0950017014564616.

(2015). "‘Go West Young Man’: Youth apprenticeship and opportunity structures in two Canadian provinces" (with Alison Taylor, and Zane Hamm), Journal of Education and Work 28(1): 44-65.

(2014) "Youth Apprenticeships in Canada: on their inferior status despite skilled labour shortages" (with Alison Taylor and Laura Wright) Journal of Vocational Education and Training 66(4): 572-589.

(2014) "‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’: Exploring high school apprentices pathways" (with Alison Taylor and Milosh Raykov), Journal of Education and Work

(2014) "Habitus Transformation and Hidden Injuries: Successful Working-class University Students", Sociology of Education 87(1): 1-15.

(2013) "Ethnicity as Social Capital: An Examination of First-Generation, Ethnic-Minority Students at a Canadian University" (with Aisha Birani) International Studies in Sociology of Education 23(4): 281-297.

(2012) "Working-class students, habitus, and the development of student roles: A Canadian Case Study" British Journal of Sociology of Education 33(4):527-546.

Thesis Supervision

Supervisory Status:  MA, PhD

PhD Thesis

Guliz Akkaymak, PhD Advisor (2016 completed) "A Critical Examination of Immigrant Integration: Experiences of Immigrants from Turkey to Canada"

Mike Courey, PhD Advisor (Community activism in East London; in progress)

Beth Torrens, PhD Advisor (Sexual bullying in high school; in progress)

Aisha Birani, PhD Advisor (Religious Identity of Second-Generation Muslim in Canada; in progress)

Cliff Davidson, PhD Advisor (How do students define Success; in progress)

Awish Aslam, MA Thesis Advisor (in progress)

MA Thesis

Emily Alexander, MA Thesis Advisor (Physical and Digital Disengagement Behaviours in the University Classroom, completed April 2017)

Kate Blair, MA Thesis Advisor (Looking to the Future: Considering the Educational Transitions of Deaf Youth in Ontario; defended August 2015)

Christina DeRoche, Stigma and Bureaucracy in a General Education Classroom: A Study of Inclusion.

MA Research Papers

Brittany Kosir, Mentoring Youth: Effects of Participating in the Go Girls! Program

Michelle Schoblocher, The Role Extracurricular Activities Play in Students' Academic Success.

Angela Sutton, Factors Impacting the Success of First-Generation Students at an Ontario College: A Study of Student Participation, Retention and Academic Success.

Elizabeth Torrens, Gendered Harassment and Education: A Content Analysis of the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Toronto District School Board Harassment Policies.

Aisha Birani, Ethnicity as Social Capital: An Examination of First-generation, Asian-Canadians in University.

Tanya Farr, An Analysis of First-generation Students: The Transition from Post-secondary School to Work and Community Service-learning Programs.

Matthew Hayes, Exploring Gender Differences in University Expectations.

Victoria Sit, The Impact of Part-time Employment on University Expectations.

Kristina Greenaway, I Know That I'm Gonna Have Success: Emerging Adulthood and Working-Class, First-Generation University Students.

Suresh Kumar, Medium of Instruction in Public Schools of India.

Richard Telfer, Narrativity and Class Consciousness: Working-class Students' Early Experiences of University.