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Anders Holm

Photo taken by: Cliff Davidson

Anders Holm, Professor

Director, Centre for Population, Aging and Health

Ph.D, Economics, University of Copenhagenpdf Full CV
M.A., Economics, University of Copenhagen
B.A., Economics, University of Copenhagen


Current Research Projects

Classroom composition, inclusion, exclusion and learning outcomes

The effectiveness of active labor market policies for the sick-listed

Fairness and Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark

In the News

Apr. 21, "Rapport: 10.-klasse er spild af tid" Ekstra Bladet

Feb. 29, "Fewer Danes breaking from their social heritage" CPH Post Online

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
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(2016) "Behavioral and Statistical Models of Educational Inequality" (with Richard Breen) Rationality & Society 28(3):270-298.

(2016) "Socioeconomic inequality in health in the British household panel: Tests of the social causation, health selection and the indirect selection hypothesis using dynamic fixed effects panel models" (with Else Foverskov) Social Science & Medicine 150:172-183.

(2015) "Comparing linear probability model coefficients across groups" (with Kristian Karlson and Mette Ejrnæs) Quality & Quantity 49(5): 1823-1834.

(2015) "Heterogeneous Causal Effects and Sample Selection Bias" (with Richard Breen and Seongsoo Choi) Sociological Science 2:351-369.

(2014) "Correlations and Nonlinear Probability Models" (with Richard Breen and Kristian Karlson) Sociological Methods and Research 43(4):571-605.

(2014) "Worker adaptation and workplace accommodations after the onset of an illness" (with Jan Høglund) IZA Journal of Labor Policy 3:17.

(2013) "Effectiveness of a Danish early year preschool program: A randomized trial" (with Bente Jensen and Sven Bremberg) International Journal of Educational Research 62:115-128

(2013) "Incomplete Equalization: The Effect of Tracking in Secondary Education on Educational Inequality" (with Kristian Karlson, Mads Jæger and David Reimer) Social Science Research 42(6):1431-1442.

(2013) "Total, Direct, and Indirect Effects in Logit and Probit Models" (with Richard Breen and Kristian Karlson) Sociological Methods and Research 42(2):164-191.

(2013) "Evaluating the Performance of Simple Estimators for Probit Models with two Dummy Endogenous Regressors" (with Jacob A. Nielsen) Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 83(6):1156-1178.

(2012) "The Effect of Part-time Sick Leave for Employees with Mental Disorders" (with Jan Høgelund and Lene Falgaard Eplov) Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics 15(4):157-170.

(2012) "Conformists or Rebels? Relative Risk Aversion, Educational Decisions, and Social Class Reproduction" (with Mads M. Jæger) Rationality and Society 24(2):221-253.

(2012) "Comparing Regression Coefficients Between Same-Sample Nested Models using Logit and Probit: A New Method" (with Kristian Karlson and Richard Breen) Sociological Methodology 42:286-313.

(2011) "Dealing with Selection Bias in Educational Transition Models: The Bivariate Probit Selection Model" (with Mads M. Jæger) Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 29(3):239-350.

(2011) "Comparing coefficients of nested nonlinear probability models" (with Ulrich Kohler and Kristian Karlson) The Stata Journal 11(3):1-19.

(2011) "Decomposing primary and secondary effects: A new decomposition method" (with Kristian Karlson) Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 29(2):221-237.

Book Chapters

(2015) "The Risky Business of Educational Choice in the Meritocratic Society" (with Kristian Karlson) in Bengtsson et al The Danish Welfare State: A Sociological Investigation, Palgrave Macmillan: New York.

(2013) "Dentist, driver, or dropout? Primary and secondary effects of family background on choice of secondary education in Denmark" (with Mads M. Jæger) in Jackson (ed.) Determined to Succeed? Performance, choice and Education Stanford University Press.

Thesis Supervision


Sofie Dencker Larsen, Ph.D. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Unemployment, Health and well-being" (supervisor)

Annemette Coop Svane-Petersen, Ph.D. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Unemployment and mental health" (supervisor)

Morten Tromholdt, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Quit Facebook and become happier – a field experiment of the relationship between using Facebook and happiness" (supervisor)

Rolf Øsberg, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Analysis of labour market tri-part negotiations and integration of ethnic minorities on the labour market" (supervisor)

Morten Bruun, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Social mobility and class – a quantitative study of the relationship between class origin and social mobility" (supervisor)

Yakup Bas, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "The Effect of the ethnical and socio-economic composition of students on PISA test scores – a multilevel analysis" (supervisor)

Katrine Merlach Lauritzen M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "School outside the school - an analysis of the collaboration between local governments and schools on alternative schooling" (supervisor)

Emma Steffensen-Bak, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, "Foster families – a quantitative analysis of the differences between the extended family and other foster care placements" (supervisor)


Peter Rhode Skov, Ph.D. Sociology, Copenhagen, The company you keep – The effect of peers and disruptive behaviour on educational achievement and choice of education (supervisor)

Stine Møllegaard, Ph.D. Sociology, Copenhagen, The role of cultural capital and behavioral problems in educational inequality (supervisor)

Lars Andersen, PhD. Sociology, Consequences of Punishment in Denmark. Five Empirical Essays (committee member)

Audd Djurhuus, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, A qualitative study of social mobility (supervisor)

Peter Fallesen, PhD. Sociology, Consequences of Punishment in Denmark. Five empirical Essays (committee member)

Anne Diop-Christensen, PhD. The effect of welfare and labour market institutions on the labour market outcome of immigrants in Europe (committee member)

Elise Steenhold-Sørensen, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, The effect of completing high school on out-mobility of rural areas (supervisor)

Asta Berinholdt Lund, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, The effect of maternal education on childrens educartional achievement (supervisor)

Jamie Antonio Rivero Ostoic, Ph.D. Sociology, Four essays on social networks (committee member)

Gunvor Christensen, Ph.D. Sociology, Four essays on the effect of measures in Ghettos (committee member)

Michael Jørgensen, PhD Economics, Four essays on savings behaviour (committee member)

Anders Trolle, M.A. Sociology, Social stratification in a comparative perspective (supervisor)

Peter Rhode Skov, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, Models of social stratification (supervisor)

Elisabeth Ugreninovs, PhD, Sociology, Four essays on labour market outcomes (Committee member)

Cristoffer Sonne-Smith, PhD Economics, Four essays on the determinants of educational achievement (Committee member)


Signe Hald Andersen, Ph.D. Sociology, Copenhagen, Dealing with unemployment. Programme Effects on Psychological and Labour Market Outcomes (Supervisor)

Kristian Karlson, M.A. Sociology, Copenhagen, Social stratification (Supervisor)

Mads Meier Jæger, PhD. Sociology, Copenhagen, Six Essays on Inequality of Educational Inequality (Supervisor)

Signe Hald Andersen, M.A., Copenhagen, Bread winner status and marital instability (Supervisor)