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Michael Haan, Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Migration and Ethnic RelationsFull CV
Co-Director, Statistics Canada Research Data Centre at Western

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In the News

screenshot from The Agenda May 30, 2016

Feb. 10, 2017 "One-third of Canadians live Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver: Census" Can-India

Feb 8, 2017 website with audio player "Rural Immigration with Michael Haan" Rural Routes

Feb. 8, 2017 "Cape Breton among Atlantic towns hoping to stanch the human exodus" in The Western Star, and Journal Pioneer

Feb. 8, 2017 "Cape Breton among Atlantic areas hoping to stanch the human exodus" News 1130

Feb. 8, 2017 "Cape Breton among Atlantic areas hoping to stop people from moving out west" Toronto Star

Feb. 8, 2017 "Census Data: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver lead way as Canada's population grows to 35.15 million" in Shoreline Beacon, Nipawin Journal, and The Community Press

Feb. 8, 2017 "Census 2016: Canada's big cities home to big share of 35 million Canadians" CFJC Today

Feb. 8, 2017 "Census 2016: Ontario growth still slowing, but experts see a change in fortunes" in CBC News, and Truro Daily News

Feb. 8, 2017 "Canada Census 2016: Ontario growth still slowing, but those who went West might soon be back" National Post

Feb. 8, 2017 "Canada is the fastest growing G7 country" Maclean's

Feb. 6, 2017 "Census 2016: experts, data geeks lick chops" Guelph Mercury Tribune

Feb. 6, 2017 本周三將公佈2016年人口普查數據 Sing Tao Daily

Feb. 6, 2017 "Planners, policy-makers look forward to 2016 census kickoff Wednesday" in Hamilton Spectator, CityNews, and Edmonton Journal

July 15, 2016 "Out of Alberta: The shakeup in Canada's labour force" The Globe and Mail

May 30, 2016 video "Measuring Generation Millennial" The Agenda

Recent Activities

Feb. 11 presented "Studying Prolific Offenders using a linked administrative dataset" at the Western Society of Criminology Annual General Conference.

June 3 Panelist, Session 3.4 How Should Statistics Canada Disseminate 2016 Census results to the Millennials? in the Canadian Population Society 2016 Annual Meeting. Also, for the Canadian Population Society 2016 Annual Meeting, Dr. Haan is also Program Chair and Session Chair for the June 1 Session 1.4 Health and Morbidity.

May 19 presented "Data as Infrastructure" to the Canadian Founcation for Innovation

Apr. 7 presented "Measuring Canadian Immigrant Outcomes” at The Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration, Berlin. 

Apr. 6 Canadian Representative and Invited Speaker for Migration and Demographic Change, sponsored by SSHRC and the EU Joint Programming Initiative, Berlin.

Mar. 4 presented "The Secondary Migration Patterns of Canadian Immigrants" at the 18th National Metropolis Conference, Toronto

Michael Haan’s research interests intersect the areas of demography, immigrant settlement, labour market integration, and data development. Dr. Haan is widely consulted by provincial and federal governments for policy advice in the areas of immigration, settlement services, the Canadian labour market, and population aging. He has signed Research Partnership Agreements with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Employment and Skills Development Canada, and Statistics Canada. Each of these agreements creates a framework for Haan to conduct research on topics of interest and relevance to supporting departments, and potential research opportunities for students. In the past five years, he has been investigator or co-investigator on over 6 million dollars of funded research. Please see Dr. Haan if you’d like to be part of this research.

Current Grant and Contract-funded Research Projects
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Canada Research Chair in Migration and Ethnic Relations

New Brunswick's Population Dynamics

Principal Investigator: SSHRC Insight Grant (2016-2021). “What Can Administrative Data Tell us About Aboriginal Canadians?” $165,000.

Principal Investigator: SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2016-2017). “The Migratory Implications of Industrial Change” $75,000.

Principal Investigator: SSHRC President’s Innovation Fund (2016-2017). “Joint Program Initiative of the European Union on Migration and Demographic Change” $25,000.

Co-investigator: SSHRC Targeted Research Grant (2016-2017) on Syrian Refugees Arrival, Settlement, and Arrival  $25,000.

Co-investigator: SSHRC Partnership Grant (2016-2021). “Productivity, Firms, and Incomes” $2,500,000

Recent Government Research Reports
>for more see Full CV

(2015) Municipal Population Projections, 2011-2026 (with John Calhoun) for the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government.

(2014) Youth Out-Migration in New Brunswick (with John Calhoun) for the New Brunswick Population Growth Division.

(2014) Population Dynamics and their Labour Market Implications for New Brunswick (with Ashley Calhoun and John Calhoun) for the New Brunswick Labour Analysis Division.

(2014) Identifying the reservations that employers have around implementing work placed learning initiatives (with Sasha Caputo) for the New Brunswick Labour Analysis Division.

(2014) Investigating what current and future labour market entrants understand to be the current and future labour market opportunities (with Sasha Caputo) for the New Brunswick Labour Analysis Division.

(2014) Measuring the gaps between labour supply and demand, including skill shortages (with Jacob Travis) for the New Brunswick Labour Analysis Division.

(2014) Sourcing the reasons behind growing dependency ratios (urbanization, out-migration, fertility declines, etc.) across New Brunswick communities (with John Calhoun) for the New Brunswick Population Growth Division.

(2013) The Role of Human Capital in Out-migration from the Maritimes (with Ashley Calhoun) submitted to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

(2013) Report on the Sampling Error of the MPHEC Graduate Surveys (with Ashley Calhoun and John Calhoun) submitted to the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

(2013) The Recruitment and Retention of Immigrants to New Brunswick (with Emma Flynn and Cathy Holtmann) for the New Brunswick Population Growth Division.

(2013) The Economic Establishment of Immigrants to New Brunswick (with Emma Flynn and Cathy Holtmann) for the New Brunswick Population Growth Division.

(2013) Investigating the sources of low innovative capacity in New Brunswick (low levels of relevant human capital, a lack of investment, few entrepreneur class immigrants, etc.) (with Kayla Power) for the New Brunswick Innovation Fund.

(2012) The Housing Experiences of Canadian Immigrants Written under contract with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Available: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/research/housing/index.asp.

(2011) How do the Returns to Education Compare to the Returns to Work Experience? (with Ted McDonald and Christopher Worswick) for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

(2010) "Residential Crowding in Canada" in Immigration, Housing and Homelessness Invited submission by the Homelessness Partnering Secretariat and the Metropolis Project.

(2010) Alberta’s Shadow Populations: A Conceptual Framework (with David Odynak) for Alberta Office of Information and Statistics.

(2010) A Proposed Methodological Framework for Tracking Alberta’s Shadow Populations (with David Odynak) Report for Alberta Office of Information and Statistics.

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
>for more see Full CV

(2015) "Cohort Progress toward Household Formation and Homeownership: A Comparison of Immigrant Racialized Minority Groups in Canada and the United States" (with Zhou Yu), Chapter 3 in Carlos Teixeira and Wei Li (eds.) The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in North American Cities, University of Toronto Press.

(2014) "At the crossroads: Geography, gender and occupational sector in employment-related geographical mobility" (with Deatra Walsh and Barbara Neis) in "Global and Canadian Population, a special issue of Canadian Studies in Population 41(3-4): 6-21.

(2013) "Trades-Related Post-Secondary Educational Attainment among Immigrant and Canadian-Born Young Adults in Alberta" (with Parvinder Hira-Friesen and Harvey Krahn) Alberta Journal of Educational Research 59(1): 29-44.

(2012) "Caste Confusion: the Epistemological Problems of Census Enumeration in Colonial India, 1871-1921" (with Kevin Walby) Social History/Histoire Sociale 45(90): 301-318.

(2012) "Cohort progress toward household formation and homeownership: young immigrant cohorts in Los Angeles and Toronto compared" (with Zhou Yu) Ethnic and Racial Studies 35(7): 1311-1337.

(2012) "Gender, Political Ideology and Climate Change Beliefs in an extractive industry community" (with Debra Davidson) Population and Environment 34(2): 217-34.

(2011) "Does immigrant residential crowding reflect hidden homelessness?" Canadian Studies in Population 38(1-2): 42-58.

(2011) "The Residential Crowding of Immigrants in Canada" Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 37(3): 443-465.

(2011) "Youth Religious Involvement and Adult Community Participation: Do Levels of Youth Religious Involvement Matter?" (with Thomas Perks) Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 40(1): 107-129.

(2010) "The Dwelling-Type Choices of Older Canadians and Future Housing Demand: An investigation using the Aging and Social Support Survey (GSS16)" (with Thomas Perks) Canadian Journal on Aging 29(3): 445-463.

(2010) "Is Recent Immigrant Clustering in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver Part of the Reason Behind Declining Immigrant Neighbourhood Quality?" pp. 263-280 in Barry Edmonston, Thomas Saltzmann, and James Raymer (eds.), Demographic Aspects of Migration, Springer Verlag.

(2010) "Assimilation or Stratification? The Sources of Early Differentiation of Immigrant Ethno-Racial Groups in the Canadian Housing Market" pp. 235-256 in Ted McDonald, Arthur Sweetman, Liz Ruddock and Chris Worswick (eds.), Canadian Immigration: Economic Evidence for a Dynamic Policy Environment, McGill-Queens University Press.

Currently Teaching

Sociology (main Campus)

9375B Immigration Policy Development and Evaluation Strategies

Graduate Supervision

Supervisory Status: Ph.D.


Alexander Bolzheva (committee member)

Ashley Calhoun (supervisor)

Jolene Roy (supervisor)


Sonia Nguyen (supervisor)

Cavita Meetun (supervisor)

Supervised at University of New Brunswick

6 PhD students, 6 MA Students, 2 Post-Doctoral Fellows, 1 Honours BA

Committee Member for 9 PhD students, 11 MA students

Teaching Philosophy

Although I lecture comfortably in big classes, my personal preference is the ‘oxbridge’ pedagogical style, which is a much more tutorial-based style of teaching and learning. I believe that students need to be able to ask questions as they arise, and that in the era of mega-classroom lectures this has become somewhat of a luxury. I understand the role that big lectures play in the modern university, but I believe that this format is usefully accompanied by some smaller sessions, which I try to include in all my classes, where students can interact with their professor, teaching assistants, and fellow students in a more intimate and personal manner.

Closely related to this, whenever possible I try to employ a ‘knowledge through discovery’ approach in my teaching. Typically, this translates into spending a considerable amount of time working with students on projects and homework assignments. I regularly work one-on-one with students, often in the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC), to conceive an original project, learn the necessary analytical techniques to conduct the research, analyze the appropriate data, and write a publishable paper. Students seem to find the experience to be incredibly rewarding, and now they have the skills to be able to work on similar projects, independently, or as research assistants for other faculty members. In the coming years, I’m optimistic that these will be the students that leave a mark in their respective fields.

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Toronto
M.A, Sociology, University of Windsor
B.A., Sociology, Dordt College

Special Appointments and Honours

2010-2015 Canada Research Chair in Population and Social Policy, University of New Brunswick

2012-  Honorary Researcher, McGill Centre for Population Dynamics

2011-  Honorary Researcher, Prentice Institute for Global Population and Labour, University of Lethbridge

President, Canadian Population Society 2016-2019
Vice President, Canadian Population Society 2013-2016
National Committee, Canadian Population Society 2012-2014
Councilor, Canadian Population Society, 2011-2013

Member, Social Statistics Advisory Board, Statistics Canada

Editorial Board, Canadian Journal of Sociology

Advisory Board Member, Canadian Journal of Sociology