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Western University SociologyFaculty of Social Science
Mark Cleveland

Photo by Cliff Davidson

Mark Cleveland, Associate Professor

Associate Professor, DAN Management and Organizational Studies Full CV
Director, Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations

Ph.D. Administration, Concordia/McGill/U. Montreal/U. Quebec Joint Ph.D.
M.Sc. Administration, Marketing, Concordia
B.Comm., Concordia
D.E.C. Commerce, John Abbott College


Current Research Projects

Does Perspective Matter? A Nomological Network of Basic Psychological Needs, Global Orientations, and Outcome Behaviors

Diversity in the Workforce

In the News

Mar. 23, 2017 "Western Names Faculty Scholars" Western News

Fall 2016 "Management and Organizational Studies professors receive international research awards" The Social

Oct. 2016 "AMA Journal Awards" Marketing News


MOS 4423G-001 Seminar in Consumer Research

MOS 4423G-002 Seminar in Consumer Research

Thesis Supervision

Recent Publications (Past 5 Years)
>for more see Full CV


(2015) "Wanting Things and Needing Affiliation: Ethnic Consumers and Materialism" in Ahmad Jamal, Lisa Peñaloza and Michel Laroche (eds.) Routledge Companion on Ethnic Marketing, Routledge

(2015) "Environmental Locus of Control" (with Maria Kalamas) in Jennifer Robertson and Julian Barling (eds.) The Psychology of Green Organizations, Oxford University Press

Academic Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

(forthcoming) "Acculturation to the Global Consumer Culture: Ten Years After and Agenda for the Next Decade" Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science

(2017) "Cultural and identity antecedents of market mavenism: Comparing Chinese at home and abroad" (with Boris Bartikowski) Journal of Business Research

(2017) "Globalization, national identity, biculturalism and consumer behavior: A longitudinal study of Dutch consumers" (with Kamila Sobol and Michel Laroche) Globalization, National Identity, Biculturalism and Consumer Behavior: A Longitudinal Study of Dutch Consumers

(2017) "“Seeing is being”: Consumer culture and the positioning of premium cars in China" (with Boris Bartikowski) Journal of Business Research 77(August):195-202

(2016) "Here, there and everywhere: a study of consumer centrism" (with Melvin Prince, Mark A.P. Davies and Dayananda Palihawadana) International Marketing Review 33(5):715-754

(2016) "Identity, culture, dispositions and behavior: A cross-national examination of globalization and culture change" (with José I.Rojas-Méndez, Michel Laroche and Nicolas Papadopoulos) Journal of Business Research 69(3):1090-1102

(2015) "The Intersection of Global Consumer Culture and National Identity and the Effect on Japanese Consumer Behavior" (with Michel Laroche and Ikuo Takahashi) Journal of International Consumer Marketing 27(5):364-387

(2015) "Consumer Fear of Online Identity Theft: Scale Development and Validation" (with Patrick Hille and Gianfranco Walsh) Journal of Interactive Marketing 30(2):1-19

(2015) "You are what you speak? Globalization, multilingualism, consumer dispositions and consumption" (with Michel Laroche and Nicolas Papadopoulos) Journal of Business Research 68(3):542-552

(2015) "Individualism–collectivism and the quantity versus quality dimensions of individual and group creative performance" (with Gad Saad and Louis Ho) Journal of Business Research 68(3):578-586

(2014) "Global vs. Local Brands: How Home Country Bias and Price Differences Impact Brand Evaluations" (with Warat Winit and Gary Gregory) International Marketing Review 31(2):102-128

(2014) "Cross-linguistic validation of a unidimensional scale for cosmopolitanism" (with Michel Laroche, Ikuo Takahashi, Seçil Erdoğan) Journal of Business Research 67(3):268-277

(2014) "Pro-environmental behaviors for thee but not for me: Green giants, green Gods, and external environmental locus of control" (with Maria Kalamas and Michel Laroche) Journal of Business Research 67(2):12-22

(2013) "Globalization, culture, religion, and values: Comparing consumption patterns of Lebanese Muslims and Christians" (with Michel Laroche and Ranim Hallab) Journal of Business Research 66(8):958-967

Thesis Supervision

Honours Thesis

Victoria Janet Burton, Personality Determinants of Susceptibility to Online Channel Opinion Leaders

Adna Dozo, Love and Brand Seduction/Switching

Cecelia (XiXi) Xu, How does the Degree of Acculturation to a Multiethnic Host Culture affect Ethnic Food Consumption Choices?

Victoria Meiko Volk, Environmental Locus of Control, Pro-environmental Behaviors, and Mediating Enablers and Constraints

Christine Yip, Conflicting Perspectives of Materialism and Religiosity with the Korean-Canadian Community

William Chang, Conflicting Perspectives of Materialism and Religiosity with the Korean-Canadian Community

Evan Weizenberg, The Impact of Culturally Determined Values on Perceptions of Health Care Quality (Co-supervisor)

Scholar's Electives

Alexandra Aliferis, Man of the Moment: A Discussion and Analysis of the Responsive Leadership Strategies of Chairman Mao and President Obama

Debora Miller-Lichtenstein, Perception of Reality and Fantasy: Do Television Advertisements Directed at Children Affect Their Cognitive Development and Perception of Reality and Fantasy?