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William R. Avison, Professor Emeritus
Scientist and Chair, Children’s Health & Therapeutics, Children’s Health Research Institute
Scientist and Assistant Director, Lawson Health Research Institute
Cross-appointed in Dept. of Paediatrics and Dept. of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

William R. Avison
  • Medical sociology
  • Social disparities in maternal and child health
  • Families experiencing stress across the life course

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T.R. Balakrishnan, Professor Emeritus

T.R. Balakrishnan
  • demography
  • fertility
  • ethnic settlement patterns

Roderic P. Beaujot, Professor Emeritus
Leader, Population Change and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster

Roderic Beaujot
  • Demographics and implications for social policy

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Thomas K. Burch, Professor Emeritus

Thomas K. Burch
  • demography
  • Marriage, Family, and Household
  • Computer simulation and statistical modelling

University of Victoria

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Michael Carroll, Professor Emeritus
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Laurier University

Michael Carroll
  • sociology of religion
  • migration

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Laurier University

Samuel Clark, Professor Emeritus

Samuel Clark
  •  social stratification

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G. Edward Ebanks, Professor Emeritus

G. Edward Ebanks
  • demography

Rajulton Fernando, Professor Emeritus

Rajulton Fernando
  • demography
  • fertility, mortality, migration
  • family life histories

SSC 5210

Ed Grabb, Professor Emeritus

Ed Grabb
  • social inequality
  • comparative analysis of social structures, institutions, values, and behaviours across Canada, the United States, and other nations

Carl F. Grindstaff, Professor Emeritus

Carl F. Grindstaff
  • demography

Paul Maxim, Professor Emeritus

Paul Maxim
  • socio-economic integration of immigrants into Canada
  • formal labour force experiences of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples

SSC 5210

Kevin McQuillan, Professor Emeritus

Kevin McQuillan
  • Historical Demography, Historical Sociology
  • Demography of the Family
  • Social Change and Development

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B. Gail Perry, Professor Emerita

B. Gail Perry
  • statistics
  • sociology of health


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James W. Rinehart, Professor Emeritus

James W. Rinehart
  • sociology of work

Jerry White, Professor Emeritus
Director, Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International)
Co-Director, Indigenous Health and Well-being Initiative
Director, IndigiLINK World Social Networking for Indigenous Scholars, Communities, Educators and Policy Makers

Jerry White
  • Aboriginal Well-being
  • Social and Economic development of Indigenous peoples
  • Educational attainment of Indigenous peoples

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Paul C. Whitehead, Professor Emeritus

Paul C. Whitehead
  • the use of copyrighted documents
  • impact of social cohesion on health and other population outcomes of aboriginal communities
  • evaluation of social programs and government policies