Computers & Printers

Activation of Your Western account

All students must activate their account through the Western Identity Manager. If you have not done this, you will not have access to campus services, for example, the online Student Center and wireless internet.

C: Drive in Social Science

Do not store anything on the C: drive...When you log off, nothing will be saved. Use the H: drive or your own storage device.

Synchronize Your Password

If you are experiencing difficulty logging on to campus computers, synchronizing your password should correct this problem.  Visit the Information Technology Services web site for details.

Remote Access to Social Science Network & Data Services

Software programs that are available on campus can also be accessed off campus. Visit the Social Science Technology Services web site for details.

On Campus Wireless Internet Access

How do I access wireless internet with my laptop?  Click here for instructions regarding specific devices and operating systems.


You can print to the copier in room SSC 5306, from the computers in the grad computer lab (SSC 5431) or from your personal laptop (see Amy Jacob in SSC 5302 for help with setup). Choose TOSHIBA es3540c (5307), using your personal code (provided to you at Orientation and also available from Denise).  Black copies are 5 cents/page; colour copies 25 cents/page and will be billed by our Administrative Officer, Emily Van Houtte. If you are required to do printing related to your teaching assistantship, see Emily Van Houtte for a separate printing code for that specific purpose.


I have a personal email account that I prefer using. Can I use it rather than my uwo account?

All email from Western will be sent to your uwo account (and you are responsible for accessing this information). It is an easy process to forward your Western account to another account. Click here for instructions.