Population Change and Lifecourse

Workshop on The Value of Life Course Perspective on Immigrants

15th International Metropolis Conference
5 October 2010, The Hague, The Netherlands

Final Report

Barry Edmonston, University of Victoria

The Committee on Immigrants and Migrants organized a workshop for the 15th International Metropolis Conference, October 4-8, 2010 in The Hague, The Netherlands, on the topic The Value of Life Course Perspective on Immigrants.

The motivation for this workshop was to describe the life course perspective for immigration researchers and policymakers by focussing on three case study examples. The three presenters of the case studies had previously presented their research papers at workshop on Life Course Perspectives on Immigration, held in Montreal, June 2009.

The workshop noted that the life course perspective refers to an important approach for studying people's lives as they change within particular social contexts and periods, and represents a useful and new means of understanding immigrants’ lives. The three case studies looked at how a life course perspective is useful in answering different questions about immigrants in various contexts.

The workshop was organized and chaired by Barry Edmonston. The three presenters of research case studies included:

The workshop also included a fourth presenter, Martha Justus, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Canada), who addressed policy implications of the life course approach for studying immigrants and migration processes.

The 90-minute workshop attracted about fifty attendees, included academic researchers, non-governmental staff, and policymakers. There was stimulating discussion after the presentations, with several attendees saying that it was an especially useful workshop.