Population Change and Lifecourse

Special Panel Session at CPS & CSA Annual Meetings

At the annual meetings of the Canadian Population Society and the Canadian Sociological Association
June 4, 2013

Sponsored by the Thematic Committee on Health Inequalities Over the Life Course

Making the most of Statistics Canada's Linked Census and Administrative Data Files: Exploring the Research Potential of the 1991 Census Linked File

Statistics Canada is developing a number of linked survey, census and administrative data files which, over the next few years, will be made available to approved researchers in the Research Data Centres or at Statistics Canada. These linked files include the 1991 Census file linked to vital statistics and cancer data. It is linking other census files such as the 2006 and 1996 Census to mortality to explore birth patterns. As well, the Agency is currently working to expand for research purposes the linkage of surveys such as the Canadian Community Health Survey to vital statistics, cancer and administrative health files.

This panel explores the research potential of Statistics Canada's linked census and administrative data files. It looks at some of the research done to date and it examines the research potential for demographers, population modelers and health researchers.

Organizer and Panel Presider: Pamela M. White, University of Kent

Discussant: Susan Mc Daniel, Director, Prentice Institute & Canada Research Chair in Global Population & Life Course, Prentice Research Chair & Professor of Sociology, University of Lethbridge