Population Change and Lifecourse

2011 Statistics Canada Socio-Economic Conference

State of the Art Lectures on Topics of Interest to the Cluster

Participation of Cluster Members (Contributed & Poster Sessions)

Session 1D: The Critical Phase of Initial Education in Lifelong Learning

Chair/Organizer: Paul Bélanger, Université du Québec à Montréal

Session 2C: Immigrant Adaptation and Integration

Chair/Organizer: Barry Edmonston, University of Victoria

Session 2D: Contributed Paper

Session 3C: Health Inequalities over the Life Course: Comparisons Across Cohorts and Countries

Chair/Organizer: Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, McGill University
Discussant: Sylvain Paradis, Health Canada

Session 4A: The Costs of Caregiving

Chair/Organizer: Janet Fast, University of Alberta
Discussant: Frank Weldon, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Session 5D: Families and Wellbeing

Chair/Organizer: Zheng Wu, University of Victoria
Discussant: Anne Milan, Statistics Canada

Poster Session

2011 Statistics Canada Socio-Economic Conference
Conference Program