Population Change and Lifecourse


Dialogue: Lifecourse as a Policy Lens

The Lifecourse Perspective as a Policy Lens was the theme of the policy dialogue organized by the Policy Directorate of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). The Dialogue, held in January 30, 2009 at Westin Hotel in Ottawa, showcased the results of an HRSDC-funded research program undertaken by a team of investigators led by Paul Bernard of Université de Montréal and Susan McDaniel of University of Utah. The research program examined a number of different policy-relevant issues using the principles of lifecourse analysis.

A highlight of the dialogue was the presentation by Paul Bernard and Susan McDaniel of a synthetic paper, The Lifecourse as a Policy Lens: Challenges and Opportunities, that incorporated findings from the various projects into an improved research and policy lifecourse framework. David Green of the University of British Columbia, Victor Marshall of the University of North Carolina; and Frank Fedyk, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy and Research of HRSDC led the discussion of the paper.

Angela O’Rand of Duke University drew upon her various lifecourse research in the United States to offer recommendations for policies in the light of challenges posed by the global economic downturn.

Findings of the various research projects were presented and discussed in concurrent sessions:

Wrapping up the Dialogue were reflections by Julie McMullin of the University of Western Ontario, Frank Weldon, HRSDC Director of Family Policy, and Cliff Halliwell, HRSDC's Director General of the Policy Research Directorate.