Population Change and Lifecourse


4th Symposium on Population Work and Family


Meeting Canada's Diverse Challenges: Social Risk, Private Risk and Productivity was the theme of the 4th Symposium held at Hilton Lac-Leamy in Gatineau on December 9-10, 2008. Some 350 from Canada's policy and academic communities participated in the Symposium.

Day One

Julien Damon of Futuribles, Ralf Jacob from the European Union and Jason Bordoff of Brookings Institutions provided a background to the Symposium discussing social risks in Europe and North America, with Jane Jenson of Universite de Montreal providing a Canadian perspective.

The keynote speakers were Will Kymlicka, Queen's University, who talked about the state of multiculturalism in Canada, David Butler-Jones, Chief Public Health Officer, and Jack Mintz, University of Calgary, who spoke on how Canadian policy should evolve through the current storm.

Day Two

On the second day of the Symposium 50 more participants joined in the Policy Practitioners Fora on Social determinants of health, Productivity and private risk-taking, Income security, Population diversity, Care giving, and Labour market.

Findings from research done by PCLC members and their colleagues and students were presented at the PWFC:

37 papers in Concurrent Sessions

Titles, authors and presenters of PCLC-submitted papers at the various concurrent sessions of the Symposium of the Population Work and Family Policy Research Collaboration

Health Impacts and Health Outcomes

  • The role of child health and economic status in educational, health and labour market outcomes in young adulthood
    Martin Dooley and Paul Contoyannis (McMaster University)

Retirement and Financial Risks

  • Measuring Canadians risk-management activities regarding retirement preparedness
    Brigitte Neumann and Marc Des Rosier
  • The financial future for retired Quebec & Ontarian baby boomers: not a rosy picture for everyone
    Mo Long, Jacques Légaré, Guillaume Marois (Université de Montréal)

Caregivers and Economic Risks

  • “I wish that I could just get a break”: the costs of caring for adults with a disability
    Janet Fast, Norah Keating and Alison Yacyshyn (University of Alberta)
  • The cost of unpaid elder care in Canada
    Marcus Hollander (University of Victoria), Presenter: Jacquie Eales (University of Alberta)
  • Monetizing lost wages of eldercare providers
    Donna Dosman and Janet Fast (University of Alberta)

Social Inequalities in Health over the Life Course

  • Socio-geographic mobility and health status: A longitudinal analysis using the national population health survey of Canada
    Sarah Curtis, Amelie Quesnel-Vallée, Maninder Setia, (McGill University)
  • Social inequalities in health dynamics: A comparison of the United States and Britain
    PeggyMcDonough, Diana Worts, and Amanda Sacker (University of Toronto)
  • Later life health risks in relation to growing income inequalities in the United States and Canada
    Susan McDaniel (University of Utah)

Fertility Decisions: Opportunities, Risks and Outcomes

  • From 145,000 annual births – the peak of the baby boom in Quebec to 80,000: could wise population policies prevent intergenerational inequity and financial hecatomb for the baby bust and their progeny?
    Jacques Légaré (Université de Montréal)
  • Voluntary and involuntary childlessness in Canada
    Barry Edmonston, and Sharon M. Lee (University of Victoria)
  • Fertility intentions of immigrant generations: Implications for population and labour force trends
    Sharon M. Lee and Barry Edmonston (University of Victoria)

Fresh Perspectives on Productivity

  • Productivity and the life-course: A question of time
    Paul Bernard (Université de Montréal)

Family Networks, Population Aging and Risk of Social Exclusion

  • Preventing social exclusion of the oldest-old: The importance of policies that support seniors social activities of daily living and their social inclusion
    Susan Sverdrup-Philips (University of Western Ontario),
    Judy-Lynn Richards, University of Prince Edward Island and UWO)
    Heather Spiegel and Heather Maddocks(University of Western Ontario)
  • Rural Canadian seniors’: Access to social and support networks
    Lori Weeks (University of Prince Edward Island), Robin Stadnyk, (Dalhousie University), Norah Keating, & Jennifer Swindle (University of Alberta)
  • The changing family networks of elderly in the next 25 years –How Europe is different from Canada
    Jacques Légaré (Université de Montréal), Joëlle Gaymu (Institut national d’études démographiques), Samuel Vézina, Marc-Antoine Busque (Universite de Montreal), Yann Décarie (Université de Sherbrooke) , Janice Keefe (Mount Saint Vincent University)

Pharmaceuticals and Health Research

  • Cost related prescription drug non-adherence across Canada
    David Haardt (McMaster University)

Migrants at Risk: Family Lives and Labour Market

  • The residential crowding of immigrants in Canada
    Michael Haan (University of Alberta)
  • The effects of immigrant policies and labour market structures on the receipt of welfare benefits among immigrants to 23 more developed countries
    Richard A. Wanner (University of Calgary)
  • Falling out of safety nets or saved by family ties? Ethnicity, immigrant status and poverty among the elderly
    Monica Boyd and Lisa Kaida (University of Toronto)

Caring: Resource Needs and Risks

  • Planning for Canadian human resource needs in chronic home care : Policy implications of projected needs 2001-2031
    Janice M. Keefe(Mount Saint Vincent University), Samuel Vézina (Université de Montréal), Yann Décarie (Université de Sherbrooke), Patrick Charbonneau, Jacques Légaré (Université de Montréal)
  • Assessments of economic risk associated with community based-living among oldest old seniors
    Spiegel, Heather, Heather Maddocks, Judy Lynn Richards, Susan Sverdrup (University of Western Ontario)
  • Workplace violence and interpersonal risk management: Policy implications for improving the safety of careworkers and care-receivers
    Susan Sverdrup-Phillips (University of Western Ontario)

Family Structure and Family Relationships

  • The role of social support for immigrant parents and their young children
    Zohreh Yaghoub Zadeh (Canadian Council on Learning)
  • The distinct society: Cohabitation and recent questions of the prevalence and meaning of cohabitation in Quebec
    Benoît Laplante (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)

Displaced Workers as Income Inequality

  • Taking a lifecourse perspective on Aboriginal inequality in Canada
    Martin Cooke (University of Waterloo)


  • The wage gaps of Canadian-born visible minorities in the public and private sector
    Feng Hou (Statistics Canada)

Exiting from Social Assistance

  • Women’s resources and exits from social assistance
    Sara Cumming and Martin Cooke (University of Waterloo)
  • The work outside the work: Experiences of families transitioning from welfare to the labour market
    Rhonda Breitkreuz, Deanna Williamson, Kim Raine (University of Alberta)

Aboriginal Policy Research and Labour Market Outcomes for Minorities

  • Understanding aboriginal labour markets using an international lens
    Nicholas Spence and Jerry White (University of Western Ontario)

Impacts of Health on Individual Lives

  • Job stress and burnout in the IT industry: Lessons from small-to-medium size firms in four study countries
    Kim Shuey and Heather Spiegel (University of Western Ontario)

Families, Work and Well-being

  • Juggling with one hand: Managing work family balance as a single parent
    Karen Duncan, Rachael Pettigrew, and Ruth E. Berry (University of Manitoba)

Lifelong Learning

  • Health and lifelong learning: The learning component of reflexive health policies
    Paul Bélanger (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  • Institutional supports for Canadians? Retirement-refuted education: An agenda for data gathering
    Richard Shillington

Differentials in Life Expectancy

  • Sex differential in life expectancy in Canada (1921-2004): Provincial variation
    Ramana Zanfongnon and Robert Bourbeau (Université de Montréal)
  • Measuring the dispersion of deaths in Canada (1921-2004): Interprovincial and international comparison
    Nadine Ouellette and Robert Bourbeau (Université de Montréal)
  • Regional variations in mortality in Canada 1921-2005
    Pascale Prud’homme and Robert Bourbeau (Université de Montréal)

10 papers in the Poster Session

Titles, authors and presenters of PCLC-submitted papers at the poster session of the Symposium of the Population Work and Family Policy Research Collaboration

  • The engagement of stakeholders in policy research: Is it partial inclusion or exclusion? An example of stakeholders in Atlantic seniors housing research alliance:
    Bernice Bell, Claude Bell (University of Prince Edward Island) and ASHRA Stakeholders and Judy-Lynn Richards (University of Prince Edward Island)

  • Family Context and Affective Fathering: Does Father Type Matter?
    Jiangqin Du and Zenaida Ravanera (University of Western Ontario)

  • Mapping potential healthcare needs in Quebec elderly population: applying GIS tools to population health data
    Hani Guend, Marie-Noëlle Rondeau, Jean-Dominique Morency (Institut national de la recherche scientifique)

  • Determinants of models of earning and caring
    Zenaida Ravanera, Roderic Beaujot (University of Western Ontario) and Jianye Liu (Lakehead University)

  • Taking health into account in the analysis of intergenerational relations: a
    comparison France/Germany
    Bourgeois, Anne and Jacques Légaré (Université de Montréal)

  • The experience of living “at home” versus “in a home”: oldest-old seniors narratives of social inclusion and exclusion
    Judy-Lynn Richards (University of Prince Edward Island), Susan Sverdrup-Phillips, Heather L. Maddocks; Heather Spiegel (University of Western Ontario); and  Bernice Bell, (University of Prince Edward Island)

  • The Canadian contextual database of the Generations and Gender Program: overview and examples
    Yann Décarie (Université de Sherbrooke), Marc-Antoine Busque, Patrick Charbonneau, Guillaume Marois (Université de Montréal)

  • French grandparents today, demographic aspects
    Anne Bourgeois and Jacques Légaré (Université de Montréal)

  • Benchmarking Carrots and Sticks: an International Evaluation of the Design and Results of Workfare Programs
    Julie Castonguay (University of Amsterdam and Universite de Montreal)

  •  Stochastic Dominance Testing for Mobility
    Yélé Maweki Batana and Jean-Yves Duclos (Universite de Montreal)

The Population and Lifecourse Strategic Knowledge Cluster also presented a poster on the Cluster's mission and organization structure.

Several of the concurrent sessions were chaired by PCLC members.

  • Kevin McQuilla, University of Calgary (Youth; Displaced Workers and Income Inequality),
  • Frank Trovato, University of Alberta (Health Impacts and Health Outcomes),
  • Julie McMullin, University of Western Ontario (Retirement Financial Risks),
  • Janice Keefe, Mount Saint Vincent University (Caregivers and Economic Risks),
  • Robert Bourbeau, Université de Montréal(Social Inequalities in Health over the Life Course),
  • Rod Beaujot University of Western Ontario (Fertility Decisions: Opportunities, Risks and Outcomes; Families, Work and Well-being),
  • Janet Fast (Family Networks, Population Aging and Risk of social Exclusion),
  • Susan McDaniel, University of Utah (Migrants at Risk: Family Lives and Labour Market),
  • Dona Lero,University of Guelph (Caring: Resource Needs and Risks),
  • Alain Belanger, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (Immigrants and the Labour Market),
  • Zheng Wu, University of Victoria
  • (Family Structure and Family Relationships),
  • Monica Boyd, University of Toronto (Aboriginal Policy Research and Labour Market Outcomes for Minorities),
  • Martin Dooley, McMaster University (Impacts of Health on Individual Lives), and
  • Amelie Quesnel-Vallee, McGill University (Differentials in Life Expectancy).

Pre-Symposium Event

To take advantage of the presence of several members at the PWFC, the Cluster held a Pre-Symposium Event in the afternoon of December 8. Thirty-eight members participated in the event that consisted of a knowledge mobilization skills acquisition session, an information-sharing session, and meetings of 5 of the Cluster's thematic committees.