Population Change and Lifecourse


2014 Projects

Availability and Use of Large-Scale Datasets for Studying Immigration

The primary purpose of the session at Pathways to Prosperity Conference in Montreal on November 24-25, 2014 on new data is to highlight new and lesser-known data sources that will support immigration research. With recent changes in the federal data landscape, there are multiple new data sources available to immigration researchers and policymakers. This workshop will feature both recent examples of research that relies on these new data sources, and a discussion of datasets that are currently under development. The session will be chaired by Michael Haan and Zoua Vang.

Team: Michael Haan, University of New Brunswick, Zoua Vang, McGill University, and Victoria Esses, Western University

Cluster Support for the Project: $4,300

Support for the preparation and implementation of the QICSS Summer School 2014

The QICSS Summer School is designed for professors, university or public sector researchers, postdoctoral and postgraduate students, and, occasionally, for undergraduates who, in order to complete the research they are conducting in the context of their work or studies, need training in methods of analysis for large-scale complex surveys, such as those of Statistics Canada and l'Institut de la statistique du Québec. The School also admits data librarians in charge of the Data and Democracy Initiative (DDI) at universities, who wish to familiarise themselves with the use researchers make of data. Each of the modules offered generally lasts five days, is offered at the facilities of the QICSS at the University of Montréal and welcomes around fifteen participants. For the 2014 edition of the Summer School, the QICSS is including several modules of undeniable importance, particularly the one on multilevel analysis or the module on modelling using structural analysis (in French and English at basic and advanced levels) or the one on panel data analysis (English and French.) This year, the QICSS is adding four new modules allowing it to respond better to the needs of researchers.

Team: Danielle Gauvreau, Concordia University; Jean Poirier, University of Montréal; and Philip Merrigan, University of Quebec at Montréal

Cluster Support for the Project: $6,675

Partnership on Family Dynamics (PFD) Development Workshop, McGill University, August 2014

This two-day workshop will bring together the domestic and international partners of the Partnership on Family Dynamics (PFD) to further develop a major, collaborative data development, research infrastructure, and training project. Formed in early 2014, the goal of the PFD is to undertake research and train students through the collection and analysis of two waves of social, demographic, and economic data on a representative sample of approximately 5,000 Québec residents. The survey, called the Longitudinal Survey of Family Dynamics (LSFD), will be modeled on the Generations and Gender Survey, which has already been conducted in 19 OECD countries. The workshop aims to further consolidate and formalize the partnership. It will bring together researchers and partners to further plans for data development, infrastructure, training, and contributions to implement the LSFD.

Project Team: Shelley Clark, McGill University; Rachel Margolis, Western University; Simona Bignami, Université de Montréal; and Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, McGill University. 

Cluster support for the project: $14,000