Population Change and Lifecourse

SSHRC to CIHR Transition Seed Money Grant


In 2009, SSHRC revised its guidelines on the eligibility of subject matter, stating that all research primarily intended to improve health, health care, and health-care systems would no longer be eligible for consideration at SSHRC. Since research eligible under the mandate of CIHR will not be considered by SSHRC, many areas of research previously funded through SSHRC programs must now apply to CIHR.

Objective of the funding opportunity

This funding opportunity is intended to assist social scientists in making the transition to CIHR by providing seed funding and in-kind assistance (advice on the grant, if desired) to assist in the development of research proposals for submission to CIHR.


The Thematic Committee has a total of $15,000 (for the fiscal year 2013-2014) budgeted for this initiative. Proposed budgets of up to $4,500 are preferred. Up to three grants will be funded. The grants will be administered by Rod Beaujot on behalf of the cluster, on the basis of invoices.


  • Membership to the Thematic Committee on Health Inequalities over the Life Course of the PCLC (PCLC members who are not yet members of the TC may request to join prior to applying to this opportunity by contacting amelie.quesnelvallee@mcgill.ca)

  • Area of research of the proposal must be ineligible for SSHRC support.

  • The PI must not hold, or have ever held CIHR funds (though they may have previously unsuccessfully applied to CIHR).
  • Applicant must agree to submit an application to CIHR by March 31, 2014. The Open Operating Grant competitions have deadlines of September 15 and March 1, but other funding opportunities through special competitions may be available throughout the year.
  • If the successful applicants wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to have their full CIHR application pre-reviewed by the leader of the Thematic Committee, they must signify this intention in writing to amelie.quesnelvallee@mcgill.ca by sending proof of the registration and the full, completed proposal one month prior to the submission deadline, i.e.by August 15 for the September 15 deadline or by February 1 for the March 1 deadline.

Eligible expenses could include:

  • Salary for assistants to help in registering to ResearchNet, filling out the common CV or migrating from the common CV to the renewed CCV. (According to CIHR: “Effective June 19, 2012, ResearchNet applications requiring a CCV must use the new version. Although 90% of data for existing CCV users was migrated to the new CCV, applicantsare advised to plan for additional time to review their CV data and enter any additional information.”)
  • Salary for assistants to help in carrying out a literature review, and/or preliminary analyses (there is a specific section for reporting on preliminary findings or research in progress in the CIHR application).
  • Costs associated with pilot data collection.


  1. Attach a description of the proposed research, including theoretical approach, objectives and hypotheses, research design, rationale, methodology, expected outcomes and impact. (maximum two pages)
  2. Attach a plan for the development of a proposal to CIHR, including the selection and justification of the CIHR peer review committee. (maximum one page)
  3. Attach a budget with a full justification of the amount requested for grant development (maximum of $4,500). Please note that conference attendance is not an eligible expense. (maximum one page)
  4. Attach a copy of PI's full SSHRC or common CV, including the Research Contributions attachment.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals are to be sent to the TC on Health Inequalities over the Life Course c/o ravanera@uwo.ca. The deadlines for receipt of proposals are 15 January, 15 April, 15 June and 15 October. Applicants are encouraged to communicate in advance with regard to their intention to submit a proposal.


Applications to this funding opportunity will be evaluated by a committee of three members of the TC on Health Inequalities over the Life Course using the Evaluation Criteria in place at CIHR.


A final report is required within 3 months of the end of the project, including a substantive report on achievements and future plans, and budgetary accounting. An electronic version of the report is to be sent to amelie.quesnelvallee@mcgill.ca, ravanera@uwo.caand to rbeaujot@uwo.ca with paper copy of financial documents sent to:

Rod Beaujot,
Department of Sociology
University of Western Ontario,
London, ON N6A 5C2.