Population Change and Lifecourse

Call for Faculty Exchange

The Executive Committee of the Population Change and Lifecourse Cluster invites applications for faculty exchanges that would enhance collaboration across institutions and researchers. The exchanges should be across institutions (universities and government partners) that are associated with the cluster, and could take place across Canadian universities, with partners, or internationally.

The Cluster budget has $30,750 per year for faculty exchanges. This figure is based on the application to SSHRC which was specified as six persons per year @ $5125 ($2000 for travel, plus $3125 per month for living expenses). The Executive Committee is open to other possible arrangements, for example, fewer persons for longer stay, and consequently a higher budget for a particular faculty exchange. The available funds cover travel costs and per diem, as appropriate. Personnel costs are to be covered by the institutions involved in the exchange.


Eligible persons are:

  • All cluster members - researchers and faculty - are eligible to apply for funding.
  • Students who want to propose an exchange should apply in the PCLC Cluster Student Competition for fellowships to spend time away from their home base, for instance, at another university or at a government department.
  • Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for this funding.


The application of no more than 5 pages should address the following:

  1. Person applying for exchange
    Provide a brief résumé including information on research work relevant to the exchange proposal and the connection to the institution where the exchange will take place.

  2. Description of Exchange
    Describe the specific objectives, the main activities that will be undertaken, and the desired outcomes.

  3. Relevance
    Describe the importance of the exchange to the Cluster including how it fits in with the theme of population change and lifecourse, how it relates to the mission statement of the cluster, and how the project contributes to the goals of the cluster.

  4. Training Component
    Specify any associated training, including training in knowledge transfer/exchange.

  5. Timeline
    Provide the dates of start and end of the exchange, and the time when final report on the project (substantive and budgetary) will be submitted.

  6. Budget
    Provide the budget and justification, with specification of parts of budget that will be covered by other sources.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals are to be sent to the PCLC Executive Committee c/o rbeaujot@uwo.ca. The deadlines for receipt of proposals are 15 January, 15 April, 15 June and 15 October. Applicants are encouraged to communicate in advance with regard to their intention to submit a proposal.


Applications will be considered by the PCLC Executive Committee on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to Cluster
  2. Quality of proposed exchange
  3. Breadth and depth of potential impacts
  4. Value to participant(s) including home institution and place of exchange
  5. Cost effectiveness

Preference will be given to young researchers, exchanges that will enhance the activities of the thematic committees of the cluster, exchanges that benefit associated institutions, including students and young researchers in these institutions, and exchanges that will increase potential for knowledge mobilization.


A final report is required within 3 months of the end of the exchange, including a substantive report on achievements and future plans, and budgetary accounting. An electronic version of the report is to be sent to Ravanera@uwo.ca, and to rbeaujot@uwo.ca with paper copy of financial documents sent to:

Rod Beaujot,
Department of Sociology
University of Western Ontario,
London, ON N6A 5C2.